5 thoughts on “Amazing Polly: The Pandemic is Fascism rebranded”

  1. Fascism too, but my most recent post indicates COVID being Communism, obedience training, and a Flu bug rebranded as a fake deadly virus to instill fear in the mind-controlled masses and coerce billions of people into voluntarily participating in Euthanasia. What’s so disturbing is that while many of us know better, I am guessing that approximately 80% of the world population doesn’t. They believe the COVID deception and will not listen to the truth, therefore they will die, after going through many hospital visits for the issues that come about as a result of the fake vaccines. They figure they can make some quick easy money off the people they’ve targeted for execution. ~covertmassgenocide.com

    With the mountains of evidence we have that this is “in fact,” a genocide, an Agenda 2021/2030/2050 depopulation event, and also a Georgia Guidestones event, finding a police officer who has not been given specific orders to NOT arrest these globalist ball-earth liars will prove to be an impossible task. This is a major conflict of interest since it appears their oath to the Satanic Brotherhood of Freemasonry overrides their oath to any Constitution and human rights. How can we allow them to continue working in our police forces and legal system when we know how corrupt they are and what their motives are? Now that’s just plain stupid. They need to be eradicated immediately so arrests can commence.

    If a Bill could get passed to remove all 33rd degree Freemasons from the police force and legal system we would stand a chance at defeating them. Instead, it doesn’t matter what we know or what we think we know. At this point they really don’t care because they have dumbasses in place who will protect them. The only platforms we have that don’t censor content, to prove they are guilty of attempted mass murder and mass murder, are unknown to most of the world, because people don’t know how to use their computer or the internet and bypass mainstream media content.

    Everytime these evil globalists plan a genocide, to thin the herd, as they’ve indicated in Finkelstein’s interview, it has always been ignorant people who put the lives of everyone in jeopardy and eventually get the well-informed people killed, just like the blatant mass murder of white farmers in Africa, where the demonically possessed barbarian savages go in and massacre entire white families. Who does that? Sick people who have been programmed by their televisions and “imposter” Jew media. The “imposter” Jews even admit this is their goal, to kill all of the Goyim. If the entire world turned off their televisions, it would all end and shortly thereafter, we would win this war. Finkelstein’s interview really sums it all up. The only way to defeat these evil maggots is to exterminate them, just as they are trying to do to us. They are just going to keep coming back otherwise. Something drastic needs to be done and passing a Bill the forbids them from working in the Police force or legal system has the potential to work, but it will never pass. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and put everything we have into making it pass.

  2. Smart woman. Bravo, you’re brilliant. That’s why they need to control every each of us, so we can’t escape their plan.

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