5 thoughts on “USA: Dr. Mercola sues Senator Warren over Amazon censorship collusion”

  1. Looked up the woman’s credentials to learn when she had been graduated from the HRC School of Law; a Rutgers alumna, turns out, but small surprise that she had counted herself presidential timber… Mandate City, we confront, nonetheless….

    And people wonder that a priest here or there would offer Ps 5 before Mass for the removal of unworthy office holders, whether civil or ecclesiastical…

    May the suit take her to the cleaners… (Y’all pardon that conflated metaphor!)

      1. I am reliably told that he includes in his Memento for the Living that soul whom God will raise up for the healing of the papacy, the execution of the Collegial Consecration of Russia & the defense of the Salvation Dogma.

    1. If you review Senator Warren’s letter to the CEO of Amazon, you can read her lies and falsehoods. She is either misinformed or she is part of this totalitarian take over of America and the world.
      Her first false hood is that these genetically engineered drugs are vaccines. The next false hood is that they have FDA approval, and they don’t, they have Emergency Use Authorization.

      who is the real liar here! Clue, it is not the writers of the book!!

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