Bergoglian Vicar of Rome “outlaws” Ancient Rites for 6 sacraments & Triduum

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8 thoughts on “Bergoglian Vicar of Rome “outlaws” Ancient Rites for 6 sacraments & Triduum”

  1. One wonders at what point may evolve a quiet defiance of the fraudulent papacy and its dicta — even within the storied, seven-hilled See. The patience of souls well-educated in the true Faith can only be tried so long by persecution from within; Bergoglio may provoke yet another Lefebvrist-like moment, even should this not involve an episcopal consecration. We await prayerfully what rescuing graces 08 XII might witness to descend.

  2. The AC appears to be at the doorstep of the V ever since the takeover by American capitalists from Wall Street back in 2004…Sachs etc It was a clandestine secret meeting reported byOur Sunday Vistor s RussellShaw as a wake up call.

    1. Well if Shaw said that, he is about 60 years late in reporting it…. it was Donovan under Pius XII who kicked that off…

      1. Had never learned of Gen Donovan prior to your mention here… You’d think this would make for a loadstone for contemporary Church History study in sems. (Silly me: show me even one that affords a truthful account of even the Boston Heresy Case.) Thanks for awakening my awareness.

      2. You need to go over to Ordo Militaris Radio TV and watch all the shows on the Deep State, because you evidently have missed what you think would be good to report

  3. I don’t understand what the sentence “except parish churches, cf. art. 3 §2 Traditionis Custodes” stands for. Are perhaps the parish churches permitted to celebrate (in Latin) according to the 1962 Messale Romano? Thanks.

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