Pfizer’s Twitter account attempts to lure Alt-Right with ridiculous Meme

This meme seems inspired by the Pfizer CEO’s recent comments, where he admits that he is receiving information from the CIA…

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One thought on “Pfizer’s Twitter account attempts to lure Alt-Right with ridiculous Meme”

  1. You Pfizer is causing millions of deaths right now, and later it will be billions of deaths, together with your competitors. Your product is nothing but garbage and a poison, and the science world already knows this. I can’t wait for you all to go to hell!
    All you disgusting zionists are ruining the world and life!
    You ruined EU, with your fake asylum seekers, and smuggled in a bunch of disgusting muslim extremists, and other worthless and depraved criminals, who are now making life there less safe. These people are in many cases also having it much better than citizens born in those countries. It’s really disgusting.

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