21 thoughts on “David Martin on the End Game of the Globalists”

  1. Good post, David and Karen Kingston are the ones to follow for some great details.

    It was funny to hear David call those who had complied with the jabs to actually be the violent ones with sucky lives.

    Also incredible how he has the insight into the minds and lives of the string pullers who apparently don’t have any worthwhile progeny and are therefore going after the rest of humanity.

    It’s karma , they wanted the ‘goys’ to be uncouth and uncivilized through popular culture, it seems their own progeny became victims of their plans first! kArmA!

    Very encouraging views by Dr David Martin.

    1. having said this i am pretty sure Bill Gates is very proud of his daughter who just got married to the Egyptian, considering how many horse farms he has made for her and equestrian events she has participated in, maybe that is the exception or maybe David is generalizing. Either way i wish he had said more about imminent threat of va**d dying this winter.

    1. Academics often hold their hands that way. It is not a masonic hand gesture for them. It is simply refined culture.

      1. I noticed as well, I’m suspect, I made the sign myself, it’s very awkward to make, completely unnatural. Also, he doesn’t talk about those actually behind it all, rather he talks about fauci. Fauci is just their errand boy, give me a break

      1. The link suggests that he is but offers no solid proof. Those with Norse heritage or who admire the Norse Culture often wear the ancient symbols without any religious significance. You have to have a lot more to condemn a man than a necklace. As for saying life insurance companies are involved in it, just look who owns the life insurance companies and you will see that Dr. Martin is not off saying such things. Beside the Insurance companies amass hugh sums and where do they put them, in the Bankers’ hands of course…

  2. David is recommending his book “Lizards Eat Butterflies”? These are the 2 symbols of the occult. Lizards are in the reptilian family. Butterflies are known to be the symbol for mind control. While David is saying a lot of good things. I believe, he is just another shill for the globalists (just like Trump).

    1. Lizards and butterflies were both created by God, and the former do eat the latter. Marxists also use the LGBT movement and then cast them off. These are the facts of life.

    2. Because of his involvement in alchemy and kabbalah I can’t say I trust him either. He may be saying some good/true things; however, spiritually he could be leading others into danger.

  3. Dr. Brother Bugnolo,

    I agree that lizards and butterflies were both created by God. So was Lucifer until he became Satan.

    What’s bothering me is that the 2 occult symbols that are predominant these days are being propagated in his children books.
    I believe that David Martin is just another gatekeeper and a shill.
    We should have good discernments as traditionalists.

    1. A worry is not an accusation, and to smear someone’s reputation because you don’t like his choices of metaphors or art, is tendentious at best, and calumny at worst. We need to practice some Christian virtue and make judgements on objective reality not our emotions.

  4. I stopped the video after he judged vaxxed persons as living lives beneath his standards: their lives suck, etc. Really now! They took the jab to keep their jobs. Awful.

    1. I can confirm that nearly everyone I know, who is vaxxed, thinks risking their life for a small gain, such as traveling or keeping their store open, is reasonable. So I agree with Dr. Martin, that many of those who took the vaxx are subconsciously or consciously very depressed or suicidal, and that most of them do not adore and love Jesus Christ, Whom when we place Him on the altar of our hearts, we are energized with hope and optimism ans fortitude through all the travails of life.

  5. David Martin may be telling the truth, but his website is full of occult symbols and that is a big red flag to me. Like the commenters above, I am wary of any so-called “truthteller” who is involved in the occult.

    1. If you are speaking about Davidmartin.world, there are no occult symbols on that. As for whether he be a mason or not, nevertheless, not all masons are on board with the great reset and he is certainly not.

    1. I cannot say why what he says would be masonic, because the Masons worship Satan, and he seems to take an atheistic position. Would love to debate him and show that his presumptions are wrong. And he seems to be speaking against Biblical revelation from the point of view of someone who knows nothing about the link which binds us to Christ through the Apostles. But nothing of what he says in the FB page you cite would make me doubt his opposition to the Great Reset or Scamdemic, since those can be opposed on natural law alone, and he does that very thing. Beware of the game played by globalists who attack all their enemies by sowing suspicion about them.

  6. Editor, I appreciate your efforts in defending a persons name and character, but this man is not working in God’s name. If you look further and do due diligence in your research he is connected to Humanitad and Sacha Stone. This is but one red flag.

    1. What is Humanitad and Sacha Stone? — Also, the fact that I publish a video by anyone does not mean I endorse them.

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