3 thoughts on “Anti-Pope of the Great Reset: There is no return to Normality”

  1. Can recall the evening this man strolled St. Peter’s Square with his entourage and at the taped boundary shaking hands a very focused, oriental woman reached to touch the sleeve of his robe and he slapped her. There was this twisted grimace on his face which appeared as that of a homosexual whom hates women. It was at that moment I knew this was NO MAN OF GOD AT ALL.

    This impostor bucking for the Globalist NWO Davos Cabal Nazis is NO Pope. The Bible teaches the world to have always been unjust and it will remain so until the return of Jesus Christ. NO MAN HAS THE ABILITY TO GOVERN AS HUMANS ARE FALLEN AND EVIL IS THE RESULT. This evil man is NOT THE POPE and I am not praying for him any longer.

  2. A sick and twisted old man who hates God’s Creation. That is who has been trying to destroy the Church. I ask God to forgive me if I am wrong but I have to speak the truth. Everything that man touches he tears apart. Lord have mercy.

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