Francesco Forniti denounces the banning of Political Marches & Parades

Summary in English by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Minister of the Interior of the Goldman Sachs Dictatorship announced the other day, on television, that from now on any political protest which attempts or requests permission to conduct a march or parade (corteo) will not be permitted in any city of Italy. This is a grave violation of the Italian Constitution. Furthermore, the Minister banned all  protests where the protesters are not wearing DeathMasks and showing submission to the Scamdemic rules. This basically outlaws all opposition protests throughout Italy. the Calabrese representative,  Francesco Forniti, of the party, “L’Alternativa c’è” (There is an Alternative) denounced the banning of the measure in the Camera yesterday, as shown in the above video. His argument, which attempted to draw empathy from the supporters of the government was, that such abusive unconstitutional measures will provoke suspicion for Italians to take the DeathVaxx and submit to the DeathSwab and he mentions that since the introduction of the DeathVaxx, the numbers of persons taking or submitting to these has fallen dramatically.

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3 thoughts on “Francesco Forniti denounces the banning of Political Marches & Parades”

  1. This is astounding, Italy no longer a free and democratic country, now a full blown dictatorship. Outrageous despicable and reprehensible, trampling upon the inalienable Human and Civil rights guaranteed under Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Geneva Convention etc of the Italian people, and in a “supposedly” Catholic and Christian country! Absolutely scandalous. The people should revolt against their Govt, this is blatant abuse of their powers, abuse of public office, etc etc. The Govt of Italy are traitors to their people, need to be removed from office, prosecuted for crimes against humanity and held accountable in a Court of Law. Grrrrr! God will not be mocked, day of retribution draws nigh. The Govt and the Church under Globalist Francis have failed their citizenry and betrayed them big time.

    1. And to think when there was the Monarchy, 100 years ago, not only were marches and parades not forbidden, but the police looked the other way while the fascists attacked the socialists in the streets murdering one another.

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