8 thoughts on “Pfizer CEO blames critics of Scamdemic for killing millions”

  1. Read between the lines… what this guy really means… The more people vaccinated… the less that will burden us later.

  2. Yes, raving lunatic narcissists are experts at projection. Your toxic soup you call a vaccine doesn’t kill anyone riiiight?

    The problem we have is the shear number of our population that believes this tripe!

  3. Dear Brother Bugnolo

    Pfizer’s opinions by the CEO necessitates a reply.

    The screenshot shows a person who is not well.
    Very sadly, Albert Bourla is not a doctor nor is he honest.
    An honest doctor offers a person alternative treatments, for example, current early treatments.
    An honest doctor does not secretly adjust any data point in trials. [1]

    Dr David Martin makes a tragic statement, ‘… most of them have their progeny that they were proud of, died … and the ones who have remaining children are not proud of the remaining children.’ (12 minutes)
    Dr Martin follows by a very weighty compassionate but just plea. (13 minutes) [2]

    Habakkuk 2:4 ‘See how he flags, he whose soul is not at rights,
    but the upright man will live by his faithfulness.’

    Our prayers are vital with our complete trust in Jesus.
    The saints beg us to penance and prayer.
    Heavenly Father save us, I beg.

    Peter Tritscher



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