Stefano Puzzer and Character Assassination as Draghi Statecraft

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The last week in Italy saw an amazing and effective effort of Mario Draghi statecraft, which consisted in the character assassination of Stefano Puzzer, one of the heroic longshoremen who stood up against the Goldman Sachs Dictatorship in Italy in its demands that all who work have the DeathVaxx Passport, known as the Green Pass.

Puzzer’s personal credibility was at its zenith when on Monday, Nov. 1, he set up a small table and 3 chairs in the Piazza del Popolo at Rome, announcing he would wait for the response he was promised by the Draghi government regarding the request by the Longshoremen of Trieste to abolish the requirement of the DeathPassport.

That created a wild fire in social media in Italy, and had he be allowed to remain in the Piazza there was a very high likelihood it would have sparked an Orange Revolution.

The Draghi government acted swiftly and brutally.

They took Puzzer into custody, held him for 5 hours, and then issued a police order forbidding him to return to Rome for 12 months and ordered him to return home before 9 PM the next day.

Then they had their controlled media launch a wave of character assassins.

First they got the MSM media to interview Puzzer and insist during live broadcasts that he endorse social distancing and the mask mandate, lest he be accused of seditious behavior. Out of fear he complied.

Then, they got their army of youtubers and Telegram channel operatives to produce videos saying Puzzer could not be trusted because he was detained for 5 hours, was a union man, and had endorsed some of the sanitary controls.

In the space of a week, those Italians who think uncritically had come to think Puzzer, the man who stood in the cold for 2 weeks and took water canons in the face for their liberty from the DeathVaxx Passport was in fact a government agent and their enemy, a pied piper who would lead them back into slavery!

Mission accomplished.

With that achieved, the Ministry of the Interior imposed the DeathMask obligation on all political protests and banned all political marches.  The Draghi government now is more confident than ever that they can manipulate the citizenry and will go forward with more severe measures. All because there are so many fake operatives in the opposition and so many uncritical minds among even those who oppose the Scamdemic.

It is pathetic, I would have to say.

As for me, I am still pro Puzzer, because I know what he stood for and despite his character weaknesses he is a better man that all his critics. I know that not every member of a union is a marxist, and not everyone who is detained by the police is an agent. I know that not every man who speaks with the press knows how to avoid being pressured on live tv. And I know that longshoremen are more honest than those who sit behind desks and on sofas and poo poo the honest men who fight for their rights. May God grant more of the former for our times!

Psychological warfare is the technique whereby you convince your enemy, among other things, that his allies are his enemies. When you can do this effectively, you have already defeated him. If humanity is to survive and defeat the Great Reset, we have to be more Christian and more rational in our judgements, and look at the big picture. Puzzer fought for us all. That makes him a trustworthy political figure and symbol for the future.


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