USA: New Virginia Governor has ties to Dominion Voting and Soros clique

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This story demonstrates, that so long as you vote for the Republicans or the Democrats, you are voting for the DeepState. You need to vote Christian:, is my choice.

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3 thoughts on “USA: New Virginia Governor has ties to Dominion Voting and Soros clique”

  1. Very glad this is out in the open already, because NO ONE gets “elected” today unless he or she IS PART OF THE GLOBALIST/SATANIC team — either directly, or as a puppet or front-man. So, we can know for sure that Youngkin — as with so-called “conservative” darlings DeSantis and Abbott and Trump — is another FAKE conservative that keeps the 2-party system ILLUSION alive for the majority of brainwashed masses.

    As with every fake conservative (such as all of the above), Youngkin MAY do something worthwhile here or there (mainly it will be lip service), but behind the scenes, and/or when it really counts (or may have any significant or enduring impact for good), Youngkin will NOT work for our team. He will play the part he has been given and do what he is told for the totalitarian agenda.

    OUR GOVERNORS are ALL CONTROLLED/OWNED. They are KEY LEADERS in the globalist plan. EVERY governor is put into place and given specific instructions for their assigned territories, as their part to play in the continuing globalist agenda for the ongoing and incremental deconstruction, takedown, and obliteration of the existing societal, economic, political and religious order.

    We should never forget that TRUMP (“Republican”) gave us our vaccine dictatorship via “Operation Warp Speed.” He is JUST as guilty as Biden who continues it. THEY ARE BOTH ON THE SAME TEAM.

    ALL politicians who get “elected” (= are PUT in office) –-especially our governors — are part of the prevailing charade, ultimately serving the “new world order” masters AND WORKING FOR OUR RUIN as Satan’s minions.

  2. I live in Virginia and did not bother to vote in the 2021 election (for the first time ever). I saw Virginia votes flipped in the 2020 election. Nothing has changed since then.

    I carefully reviewed Youngkin’s weasel-word campaign flyers and noticed he was evasive about his abortion views. I checked with the head of a pro-2nd amendment group and he confirmed that Youngkin is not a conservative.

    As Vive la Vendee stated so well, Republicans only “appear” to be on the opposite side from Democrats.

    America has no free elections. We are Venezuela now.

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