Archbishop Lenga on the Bergoglian Sect and the need to overthrow it

With English subtitles

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10 thoughts on “Archbishop Lenga on the Bergoglian Sect and the need to overthrow it”

  1. Thank you for this. It was very encouraging and helps navigate as a Catholic in the US where catechism was basically non existent in my generation after Vatican 2. I have been reading the Catechism of the council of Trent for my instruction, daily Mass, daily rosary and my own personal devotions, prayers and penances. I am trying to discern where I fit as a Catholic in the Church and it has been very distressing when all I want is to be home, the Faith is so beautiful, a priceless gift and I feel I have been robbed of it and cause immense suffering to see The Bride of Christ being ripped apart from the inside. Brother, if you have any other suggestions for us , please advise. Ave Maria!

    1. Say the Rosary Daily and consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for darker days are ahead before the light breaks.

      1. Thank you. It was Divine Providence because last year I was led to dedicate myself and my husband dedicated ourselves to both Mary and also to St Joseph. So your response is confirmation and encouraging. If you have any books especially on the Saints, that would help during these times, I would appreciate it. As I side note I received the book ‘John Courtney Murray, Time/Life and the American Proposition’ Look forward to reading it. Again peace and Gods blessings from NY.

      2. Any book written about a Saint, more or less, published before 1950. Try Catholic used bookstores. My favorites are the Biography of Rose of Lima, of St. Francis, of St. Athanasius, of St. Alphonsus, of St. Joseph of Copertino, of St. Charles of Sezze (autobiography), of St. Teresa of Avila and the original film of St. Joan of Arc and the Italian film on St. John Bosco.

  2. Ab. Lenga (Kazakhstan) is in tune and has decided to break the moorings! A sizable part/maybe the majority of Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals should hopefully follow! The rest (i.e., the pro-bergoglians) should better start getting scared!

  3. To the official Polish Translator for From Rome, is it possible for you to get our programs exposing what Vatican II really was?

    Also, will his new book be translated into English?

    If my family was to ever regain the Polish Throne, Lenga would be made Primate Of Poland & let him take a wrecking ball to modernist weak catholicism and restore it to being bold and strong Catholicism.

  4. Strange that Francis dropped the title “Vicar of Christ” and consigned it to the notes as a historical title .So now we know he has showed his hand ,if he is not Christ’s Vicar ,then who is he ? and why should anyone pay any heed to what he says .

  5. Kristen Ward, Lives of the saints. I would recommend The Life of St. Catherine of Siena by Raimundo de Capua. The Song of Bernadette, by Franz Werfel. Diary, by Faustina Kowalska.

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