Transhumanism: the Globalist Plan to rob humanity from Humanity

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4 thoughts on “Transhumanism: the Globalist Plan to rob humanity from Humanity”

  1. 🙄 Roger Bacon. Hardly the “father of modern science”. “Invented” gun powder 300 years *after* the Chinese (one of only 3 contributions before their pagan world view killed science off in the cradle). There are no “Bacon’s Laws” of anything. The true fathers of modern science were Jean Buridan and His Excellency Bishop Nicholas Orem nearly 100 yrs after Bacon who bequeathed to the western world the Principle of Inertia (in the context of creatio ex nihilo) the 1st of Newton’s three laws (only the 3rd of which Newton actually came up with) and the indispensable foundation of all science of dynamics. Galileo (post Copernican controversy) would be a close 2nd in science’s development with his heavy emphasis on experimentation and mathematization.

  2. Spot on on so many things. Just not on the thing about fallen angels mating with human women.

    Jesus Himself explained the whole thing to Maria Valtorta back in the 1940’s:

    Of note in there is this, which is also apropos to trans-humanism and wherein Jesus also speaks about bloodlines:

    “When Satan seizes, he corrupts in all ramifications. When Satan is king, the subject becomes a satan. A satan with all the unbridledness of Satan. A satan going against divine and human law. A satan violating even the most elementary and instinctive norms of life among men endowed with a soul and becoming brutish with the foulest sins of bestial man.

    Wherever God is not present, Satan is. Wherever man no longer has a living soul, he is the beast-man. The beast loves the beasts. Carnal lust -more than carnal because it is seized and sharpened by Satan-makes him avid for all unions. What is horrid and disturbing, like a nightmare, strikes him as beautiful and seductive. He is mad with lust for what is illicit, degrading, and bestial.

    Those who were no longer children of God, because they had fled God to accept Satan, ventured precisely into what is illicit, degrading, and bestial. And they had monsters as sons and daughters.

    Those monsters who now impress your scientists and lead them into error. Those monsters who, because of their powerful physique and savage beauty and ferocious boldness-results of the union between Cain and the beasts, between the most beastly children of Cain and the brutes-seduced the children of God-that is, the descendants of Seth.

    It was then that God-to keep the branch of the children of God from being entirely corrupted by the branch of the children of men–sent the universal deluge to extinguish men’s lust under the weight of the waters and destroy the monsters begotten by the lust of the godless, insatiable in sensuality because they were aroused by the fires of Satan.

    And man, contemporary man, jabbers about somatic lines and zygomatic angles and, in not wanting to admit a Creator, because he is too proud to acknowledge he has been made, he admits descent from the beasts! In order to say to himself, ‘By ourselves we evolved from animals into men.’

    He degrades himself, practices self-degradation, because he refuses to humble himself before God. And he is sinking. Oh, he is really sinking! In the times of the initial corruption his appearance was animal. Now his thought and heart are, and his soul, because of deeper and deeper union with evil, has taken on Satan’s visage in too many cases.”

    1. Scripture says God created men and women. And then it says God created Adam and Eve. There is no mating with apes nor with angels. But the sons of Adam were told not to mate with the sons of men, that is, the humans of the first creation. They did here and there out of sin. But none of this changes our nature as men, we are all sons of Adam today, because his lineage has prevailed and the sons of the first creation, that is, men and women who trace their lineage back to the fathers of the first creation of man, no longer exist. We all trace our lineage today back to Adam. And Adams children alone knew the name of God and named things, that is, had the power of reason and language, which the others did not have. But since they did not have it they were slaves of lust and passion. This is the Scriptural teaching, do not accept any revelations which contradict even one letter of Scripture.

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