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The Mystery behind Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation — A documentary with Br. Bugnolo

Many of the new readers of FromRome.Info may not have yet seen this professional production documentary which came out in the Spring of this year.  The above version is in English and Italian, with Italian and English subtitles.

It is a must watch for all who oppose the Globalist Great Reset and narrative control. This documentary is available in Spanish, French, Russian, and Arabic subtitles and Polish voice over. For an English introduction to this video, see here.  If you can reproduce this video with Portuguese or German subtitles or voice overs, or those in any other language, you have permission to do so.

Bergoglio goes over completely to the dark side…

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This homily appears to be Bergoglio’s reaction after the publication of a book entitled, “From Benedict’s Peace to Francis’ War” by Angelico Press, which published extracts of writings by Cardinals Sarah and Brandmuller, without their authorizations. The Cardinals have repudiated the book entirely and thus have publicly disavowed the restoration of the Ancient Liturgy as a pastoral solution to today’s problems. If their reactions surprise anyone, it is only those Catholics who have been misled for years by the controlled-opposition media.

The publisher of the book, Angelico Press, had been criticized this spring for several publications by which it seems to be attempting to introduce the esoteric and occult into Catholic Worship, especially into the “Traditional Catholic Movement”. Certain citations from their publications and authors published make one think that the publishers are in agreement with this as a means to enrich modern Catholic spirituality.  If these accusations are true, then it appears that the publisher has cleverly maneuvered Sarah and Brandmuller out of the conservative movement by inciting a reaction on the basis of a violation of intellectual property rights, and by associating them with Archbishop Viganò.

I am firmly convinced that Viganò is conducting a Masonic campaign, called Johnny come Lately, at the request of the American Lodges. Until a Catholic recognizes the words of Christ and canon Law, and thus that Benedict XVI remains the Pope, he must be recognized as manipulated or willfully rebellious.

Bergoglio’s statement is also completely Masonic, once you realize that it was the American Lodges through the Dept of War, who in 1953 declared doctrinal warfare against the Catholic Church and who flooded Rome with agents during and preceding Vatican II to achieve this purpose. They intervened at the Conclaves of John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II and Bergoglio.  They never wanted John Paul I, who died just 33 days after being elected, nor Benedict XVI who was pushing out the pedophiles in the clergy. Bergoglio, promoted by the Mafia of St. Gallen, with pressure from the CIA asset, Deutsche Bank, has been preaching the doctrine of Barack Obama for 8 years at the Vatican. This is the perfect result of what Hilary Clinton, when Secretary of State wanted, when she called for a “new springtime” in the Catholic Church. You would have to be blind not to see that Bergoglio is the perfect creature of that political agenda.

For the full story on the book by Angelico Press, see here below, in the article from Il Messaggero — the newspaper which appears to have forged an agreement with the Vatican for special privileges after agreeing to censor any news to the invalidity of Bergoglio’s election — entitled, “Pope Francis — The anti-Bergoglian front implodes after Sarah and another Cardinal distance themselves from a new critical book”.  The article contains personal and private details of emotional reactions and behavior of Cardinals Sarah and Brandmuller which it could not have had without their consent. These Cardinals never speak with the Press. The German Cardinal lives in the Vatican, and the African in an apartment nearby the Walls of the papal city.

Catholic Pastor suspended for telling the full truth against the Globalist Narrative

English Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Father Gino Pierosara, Catholic priest and pastor at Fabriano, in Le Marche, was suspended from his office as pastor and from his ministry as exorcist by his bishop last week.

The “crime”?  He held a meeting in his church where he allowed parisioners to not wear the DeathMask and during which he said, “Bergoglio is not the true Pope”.

Two serious violations of the Globalist NewThink and MainStreamMedia Approved Dogmas.

Father Pierosara is a true Catholic and deserves the praise and prayers of all of us.

If he had held a perverted party in church, no doubt his Bishop would have promoted him, but what actually happened goes to demonstrate that the men we think are our Bishops are not in communion with Jesus Christ, but serve the Globalist New World Order. When we act on this realization, we will find we have been lied for for many years and that Holy Mother Church has been raped by Judas Iscariots for decades.

As the faithful of Christ, this should motivate us to zeal to drive out the wicked and support the just. May it be so!

Photos of Yesterday’s Ratzinger Foundation meeting with Pope Benedict XVI

The recipients of the Ratzinger Prize, awarded annually by the Pope Benedict XVI Foundation, were allowed to meet for an hour with the Holy Father, yesterday. Click the image above to see many other photos.  The Holy Father is clearly malnourished.



AUSTRALIA: Photos and Videos of 90,000 “Kill the Bill” Protesters at Melbourne

Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, with contribution of our Australian Correspondent

What are all these Aussies so mad about? The introduction of a Sanitary Control law which will effectively establish a permanent dictatorship in Victoria.

Here is a graphic which summarizes the law:

This is also a good summary from Neil Mitchell (popular local radio talk show host) regarding the Dan Andrews Bill.  He calls for Melbourne to take it to the streets!

“Under these laws you can be detained, you can be arrested, your movement can be restricted, you can be forced to undergo a medical examination, you can be forced to undergo medical testing, on the basis of being personally targeted or targeted because you’re part of a specific group.” 

  “People can be targeted, arrested, fined up to $100,000 under a pandemic bill that will apply to people because of ‘their characteristics, attributes or circumstances’.” 

  “I imagine the intent here is to be aimed at the anti-vaxxers, but it is loose, it is sloppy, it could be applied to anybody or anything!” 

  “On top of that, the power is all transferred to the Premier – he makes the decision, not the health authorities.  He can apply all this if there are no cases of the concerning disease in Victoria!” 

Photos below by FromRome.Info’s Correspondent in Melbourne

(If you attend a protest in your country, and would like to send FromRome.Info photos, video or a write-up about it, contact the Editor)