An Invitation to Security Professionals

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To Contact Br. Bugnolo — Per conttatare Fra’ Bugnolo

If you would like to apply, send me a resume via skype to +1 406 299 9260. This Award will be offered by Ordo Militaris Inc., USA.

Per favore, inviarmi il Suo curriculum vitae tramite skype al +1 406 299 9260. Questo premio sarà offerto da Ordo Militaris Inc., USA.

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9 thoughts on “An Invitation to Security Professionals”

  1. If I share you, you can share me. Some practical advice and spiritual direction on what us parish orphans are to do in these times would be helpful. Right now my church in Pa. is a prison filled with the clueless, no holy water, no missals (they might be contaminated) and feels like a tomb but I am obligated to keep the commandments and there is no other option available near me to attend any normal church, like Father Cekada says, a plethora of cafeteria Masses, I doubt the church in your St. Raphael article is much better (my patron). It was so noticeable before but now it is painfully obvious, some have eliminated the Apostle’s Creed and others sound like talking points from Francis (verbatim). This is mentally and spiritually taxing for finding a moral compass. Love watching your videos and share them often and my husband spent the summer in Italy taking care of his Mom, pray we made the right decision as her coming here is impossible at the moment. Keep up the good work!

    1. When you Catholic parish deviates this far from the faith, YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO ATTEND MASS THERE ANY MORE FOR ANY REASON. All my friends in the USA stopped attended mass when they required the masks. They are all happy, peaceful and unvexxed and unvaxxed Catholics, who say the Rosary, read the Bible or a holy book about a Saint, or watch a mass on TV. They have no qualms to do so, because they know that a Church which bans such things as holywater and which no longer believes that the presence of the living God in the Eucharist is sufficient against a myth, is no longer even Christian, let alone Catholic.

      1. Thank you for helping me wade through this. I did not attend my regular church until the dispensation was lifted as I refused to wear a mask but when the letter by our bishop came out, I felt obligated and personally missed the sacraments (confession still by appt. only) so I church shopped but open in no way means normal I have found so thank you for some peace of mind as this violation of my conscience (no communion on the tongue either) is torture.

  2. A former police officer of twenty years turned evangelical pastor mentioned that a citizens’ arrest is doable when the crime is a felony. He did not say a suspected or alleged felony; so I will ask him to further clarify. Also, I will ask if he would help train our growing local group on how to make such citizens’ arrests.

    At this time, we are practicing small “field trips” to various stores and public venues where we claim and exercise our rights to medical self-determination. Also, when law enforcement has been involved in us removing ourselves from the venue, we ask the officers “to help us, help them, help us all” to be relieved of the local tyrants who are driving the blatant harm. Next we suggest meeting at a neutral location in order to become informed by the officers of what recourse we have so that their jobs are not challenged AND at the same time we begin to develop an individual-to-individual relationship with the ones who are willing to help.

    So far the “field trips” have been a rewarding adventure.

  3. Hi is there security groups up north. I’m located near Vancouver B.C. Canada. White hat groups need to assemble world wide. I am not a security expert but have many other skills including hunting and survival, coaching sports, mechanical knowledge and more. My mother was raised catholic and my friends groups are spiritual. I know in my soul that this is all wrong and I am not a coward or a fool. I hold many credentials.

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