AUSTRALIA: Photos and Videos of 90,000 “Kill the Bill” Protesters at Melbourne

Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, with contribution of our Australian Correspondent

What are all these Aussies so mad about? The introduction of a Sanitary Control law which will effectively establish a permanent dictatorship in Victoria.

Here is a graphic which summarizes the law:

This is also a good summary from Neil Mitchell (popular local radio talk show host) regarding the Dan Andrews Bill.  He calls for Melbourne to take it to the streets!

“Under these laws you can be detained, you can be arrested, your movement can be restricted, you can be forced to undergo a medical examination, you can be forced to undergo medical testing, on the basis of being personally targeted or targeted because you’re part of a specific group.” 

  “People can be targeted, arrested, fined up to $100,000 under a pandemic bill that will apply to people because of ‘their characteristics, attributes or circumstances’.” 

  “I imagine the intent here is to be aimed at the anti-vaxxers, but it is loose, it is sloppy, it could be applied to anybody or anything!” 

  “On top of that, the power is all transferred to the Premier – he makes the decision, not the health authorities.  He can apply all this if there are no cases of the concerning disease in Victoria!” 

Photos below by FromRome.Info’s Correspondent in Melbourne

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