9 thoughts on “Does the DeathVaxx damage empathy centers of the brain on purpose?”

  1. Brother Alexis,
    Have you noticed any behavioral changes among personal acquaintances who are deathvaxxed? I haven’t yet, but I suspect that some of my relatives received a placebo.

    1. Thank You Sandra,
      The mystery of what causes man’s inhumanity to man have always been a problem causing pain and suffering to people.

      Prisons are full of criminals.
      Psychiatric Hospitals are busy.
      Family Law Courts are witness to Family International Tragedies.
      In the United States of America their evil president is causing much suffering too … and with him, so are other American politicians and the Eugenicist Bill Gate and company who were present or represented at the infamous EVENT 2O1 in New York Octoner 18, 2019. etc. etc. etc.

    2. I worked in a London hospital from 2020 to 2021 ( contract but boy were they applying the pressure for the deathclot shot). Am not med or clinical but took a stand. Asked for risk assessment ( they cannot) , Yellow Card reporting ( they would not) and any insurance liability due to adverse reaction such as death for this experimental injection…. said we will get back to you! All apart from me and 2 others took it. One of them who took it said to me how people had changed in the office. Gone from all sweetness and light to snappy, argumentative and …. one thing I noticed was …forgetful. Those I know personally … saying they are not well, adverse reactions , one on hospital with blood clot, another just out with sepsis but behavioural change hmmm lying to themselves and others is the biggie.

    3. My brother had the two shots of mRNA VAXX. I had a great conversation with him this afternoon. He is experiencing acute health problems already. I haven’t yet raised the issue of VAXX damage because he had been very pro-VAXX. As Mother Miriam says, a person will not care what I say unless I genuinely care about them.

  2. I’ve often wondered why some of these vaxxed people are so hateful towards us. I think this video explains it well

  3. I believe the Politician’s have defiantly lost humanity down here in NZ and Australia. Yes they have become sociopaths, they seem to enjoy what they are doing to the people. They will not acknowledge anyone who has died, injured or in constant suffering as a result from the jab. I believe the jab is definitely affecting the personality and behaviour of those who have taken it. However, our Politician’s do not have to have the jab, they have done the odd act of having a placebo in the media, however, it is my opinion that they have been taken over by demons, they are now evil. This entire plandemic is evil, so well executed all over the world, our end days, only 1/3 of human flesh will be on earth when God returns, this jab changes the human DNA. Clearly we must remain strong and live under God’s word as the horrors unfold before us. We must trust in our Holy Father. God Bless to everyone.

  4. I believe that most politicians have sold their souls to the devil and that is the reason for their lack of empathy. In the U.S. the Congress exempted themselves from the death vax, so I don’t think a lot of them are taking it.

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