6 thoughts on “Fr. Paul Kramer: The Essence of the Third Secret of Fatima”

  1. Thank you Brother Alexis for posting this.

    The final sentence of Father Paul Kramer’s post states as follows:
    “Then the whole world will become Catholic, and there will be world peace.”

    This is GOD’S PLAN in which we can hope because it is GOD’S
    promise, and it will certainly be accomplished.


  2. I particularly look forward to the fulfilment of Fr. Kramer’s last sentence (in the follow-up posted here by Vincent.) These psychopaths have become very bold and obviously believe they cannot lose.
    I have also been studying Catholic prophecy for the past 10 years and believe what Fr. Kramer says to be accurate.

    “The Secret of Fatima and the Sacred Scriptures reveal the final outcome: the rich super-class of psychopathic dictators will be so totally crushed and defeated just when they will have appeared to have gained their ultimate victory, that they will be reduced to a state of utter despair, and will then be exterminated by the wrathful Hand of God.”

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