Courage and Cowardice

In this video, Br. Bugnolo responds to many who commented on his recent videos, The Only Solution and an Invitation to Security Professionals.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Br. Bugnolo is President and co-founder of Ordo Militaris Inc., a private military corporation, incorporated in the state of Montana, USA, dedicated to defending Christians from persecution. He holds a B. A. in Cultural Anthropology and for nearly 30 years has observed the Rule of St. Francis of Assisi as a Fransican brother in the footsteps of Our Most High Lord, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Judge of the living and the dead. Br. Bugnolo’s videos appear here at FromRome.Info, and he is a frequent guest at Ordo Militaris Radio TV, the communications apostolate of A. J. Baalman, descendant of Charlemagne and co-founder of the Order, who is red pilling the world about Globalism and the Great Reset, in Church and State.

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15 thoughts on “Courage and Cowardice”

  1. When one enters in Orthodox Church the walls were covered by ikon s of the Saints I would say 98% of the men and women hanging on the wall willingly gave up their lives and murdered him for the incarnation of God and his Church. The recent great orthodox saint ( died 1991 ) and Greek monk of Mount Athos , Peosios, who Prophesied the Great Reset and the ushering in of the antichrist said, “ cowards are of use to no one “

  2. Krishna said that glory will only belong to those courageous who do their duty rest will be a laughing stock and relegated to the sidelines.

    -Bhagvad Geeta

  3. Absolutely on point….people really struggle with the true meaning of cowardice, excellant, well put across sir..

  4. Thank you for this beautifull talk. Courage is everything. We all need to become a hero. There’s no other way. Om namah shivaya!

  5. We just read Maccabees at Mass this morning and my mouth was gaping open in amazement because it could have been talking about today and the Catholic Church. Will read the whole book of the Maccabees today and suggest all who are not familiar read it. Or re read it. Viva Cristo Rey!

  6. We should all remember the words of arguably the greatest of all the apostles, the Greek Jew Paul, “ if you fear, you have not learned true love “

  7. I choose to stay in my apartment and continue to resist the wicked antagonism of one neighbour and her gang of associates.

    Now I am making the apartment more secure. I have started regular weight exercises, and I have bought some implements that I could use to defend myself. I estimate that the majority of my neighbours have been VAXXED. So, it is only a matter of time before they become crazed with aggression. I think about Jesus and how He set his face like ‘flint’ as he made His way to Jerusalem for the last time.

    I am trying to help my brother by encouraging him not to take the third dose. It is likely that I will have to refuse assistance to the VAXXED since my resources are limited. I cannot see myself in a position to help others until the VAXXED have died.

    And from October, I have started praying the rosary daily. I do not expect Our Lady to solve my problems but I do take encouragement from the help She gave to the faithful in their most difficult trials.

    Thank you Br. Bugnolo. I need you to give us the truth.

  8. Brother Alexis,
    Can you suggest some practical ways that the elderly or infirm can help in the resistance? I continue to resist the mask and jab demands, pray the rosary every day, and support truthtellers like you. What else?

    1. Be sources of good sense and counsel to those in your community, create networks of information and resistance using your womanly and maternal know how. Don’t stay at home, if can still move about. Move about to spread truth, encouragement and hope.

  9. Here is the Complete List of Rothschild Owned and Controlled Banks.It is rumored that this family communicates directly with lucifer / satan. from whom evidently receives orders.

    More and more people are realizing that 99% of Earth’s population is controlled by a 1% elite – but did you know that one family, the Rothschilds, run everything, even that 1% elite? Behind the scenes, the Rothschild dynasty is arguably the most powerful lineage on Earth and its wealth is estimated at around $ 500 trillion. Here is a complete list of all banks owned and controlled by the Rothschilds. American entrees might surprise you.

    Explanations: You do not vote, you designate your masters who are already chosen and who will vote for the laws that will be imposed on you. The elections are rigged by Dominion, it’s a masquerade that has lasted 200 years. Alexis de Tocqueville said: “I am not afraid of direct universal suffrage, because people will vote as they are told. ” And this has been happening for 200 years. This is what the people who “fought” got. We’ve been making fun of you since preschool. 9 billionaires hold all the media except Charlie Hebdo, Mediapart and the Canard enchainé (but they are still well on a leash .. In short) these billionaires finance political campaigns. They are the ones in charge. Macron, Sarkozy, Hollande … these are just names, these guys are put there, but don’t decide anything, they make nice speeches, that’s all. Those who hold the reins are the banks and the lobbies. The Bilderberg group, Davos, etc … Mayer Amschel Rotschild said over 200 years ago: “Give me control of the currency and I don’t care who makes the laws. ” Stalin said: “What matters is not how you vote, but how you count the votes. ” François Mitterand in the book written by his wife said: “At the end of the day I realized that a president of the republic does not decide anything. Finance dictates everything. ”
    It appears that the only major central bank not on the list is THE BANK OF RUSSIA. If I’m wrong someone correct me. Ask yourself why. The probable answer is in the constant harassment, provocation, demonization of the WEST / NATO in the last 20 years towards Russia, (moreover returned to its millenary Christian faith and traditions), which represents for the globalists / Zionists the last serious obstacle to the realization of the dictatorship of the New World Order governed without mercy, by the messiah that the Jews have been waiting for at least 3000: THE ANTICHRIST.

    1. Charlie Hebdo was bought by the Rothschilds after the terrorist attack, then sold for a hefty profit a year or two later. But these lists you are sharing of their assets are not correct, because national banks can be controlled but not owned, and they can only be controlled by contracts or personnel, so it is important to distinguish how.

  10. When the day comes soon that the tyrants will be met with Yahweh’s men and women in Yashua’s name there will no longer be any peaceful protesting or dialogue.

    There will be war from all sides on all tyrants, no mercy will be given as they have been given thousands of chances to repent.

    All cowards will always go with the wind and be non factors. Always has been that way.

    I predict this to be imminent

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