Ettore Lembo: Does the Government have agoraphobia?

by Ettore Lembo

Authorized English Translation

Restrictions do not stop the demonstrators who are peacefully gathering.
Why does the government seem to be afraid of the street demonstrations that have raged for several weeks on Saturday afternoons in the squares of Italy? Squares where peaceful protesters, mothers, children, the elderly and students, gather against the limitations of freedom that deprive dignity, which only Italian citizens are suffering?
Milan, Turin, Naples, Rome, Cagliari, are just some of the cities where on Saturday 13 November a very large number of people, women, children, families and the elderly gathered in peaceful demonstrations.
Consistent numbers of people who filled the squares, far from the historical centers, despite all the limitations and difficulties that the Government may have tried to create — especially after the riots that occurred — and the perplexities of whom which were voluntarily provoked by those who perhaps have an interest in hiding certain truths, to create an ever greater restlessness.
Rome, with the attack on the CGIL, Milan, Trieste, are the ones that have aroused the most attention, but on which still today there are many doubts and the investigations, perhaps deliberately, has failed to shed light, increasing doubts about opinion public and more.
There are many foreign countries that show are showing us solidarity and concern.
Certainly we must weigh the incomprehensible words of a Minister who talks about the measurement of a strange undulatory movement of a police van, by a probable plainclothes police officer, who gives all the impression of being an infiltrator, as it seems, from the videos present in all social networks.
Rather, it is the Government intervention ordered in Trieste with fire hydrants firing at peaceful demonstrators sitting on the ground which causes discussion.
As well as the incomprehensible treatment of the “daspo”, imposed on Stefano Puzzer as if he were a dangerous violent man, who came to Rome in search of answers from the Government, promises, but not kept.
And again, the images that the well-known broadcast conducted by Mario Giordano showed, where it seems that a police officer voluntarily provoked the clash and then allowed his colleagues to unload on protesters.
These facts that someone in the government should give answers to … or explain their meaning.
But let’s go back to Saturday the 13th of November, which first saw at Milan, with the extraordinary participation of Robert Kennedy Jr, where thousands of people arrived, in the Arco della Pace square in Milan for the demonstration against the drug that is arousing more and more contraindications.
We recall that Robert Kennedy jr is the third son of Bob Kennedy and nephew of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, as well as founder of his Children’s Health Defense association.
A peaceful demonstration, but as always in the end, disturbed by some provocateur, who for some reason is always present to give rise to a certain questionable communication, to be able to classify even the most peaceful demonstration as a violent demonstration. Even Rome has had its positive results in participation, although it does not have strong characters like Kennedy.
On Saturday, Nov. 13, in an immense space, like the Circus Maximus, those couple of thousands of people who, taking advantage of the beautiful day, thus denying the weather forecast, listened with great serenity and without any form of violence, both physical and verbal, and above all without display of any party flag, if not the Tricolor (the flag of Italy), the words uttered by the various speakers.
Dramatic is the story of a young woman who suffered a serious disability after undergoing the medical treatment induced by the Government, to whom it seems that no compensation is recognized and is not even considered for an in-depth study of her pathology.
It is true that, in the very early phase, when all the demonstrators had not yet arrived, there was an intervention not exactly in line with the spirit of the demonstration, but promptly detected by some newspaper that probably has more interest in belittling and branding mistakenly the manifestation.
The sidelined intervention detected by the well-known newspaper, according to some sources from the organizers, seems to have been granted to avoid misunderstandings that could have affected the serenity of the entire event.
It is of doubtful taste that some newspapers, moreover very popular ones, have only highlighted this intervention carried out at the start of the event and with few people present — disadvantageous, for the purpose of information, not having highlighted the intervention of the girl described above.
Even more than not having reported the touching choreographic representation, which is not usual, that some women have enacted under the stage, representing pregnant women, who stained the faces of government politicians with red.
We leave any interpretation free, as it should be, considering however incorrect that partial information is given, at a time when many are worried about the effective freedom of expression and more.
Among other things, the intervention referred to in the video-newspaper in question, and which for correctness you can view by clicking on the attached links, was stigmatized in the press release read at the end of the event, in a solemn manner, of which you can read the words below.
The Press release of he organizers of the Oct. 9th protest was read when darkness had already enveloped Circus Maximus, but which was listened to by all present, who turned on the lights of their mobile phones to create the right and solemn atmosphere, and before the intonation of the Mameli Hymn.
A regular return without any inconvenience, following the provisions provided by the Police, which is recognized for their presence with discretion in this event.
A warning for the government?
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