The end game of the Globalists is to make you adore Satan

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7 thoughts on “The end game of the Globalists is to make you adore Satan”

  1. Thank you for another uplifting post. I look forward to your new articles and videos. You are a light in the darkness. Thank you for your website 🙂

  2. Jesus Christ is the same yesteryear,today and forever more. Forcing some-one to believe is Satan is not clever and shows how criminal they are.Also forcing the unvaccinated to act as if they are dead by removing rights given to the vaccinated is ABSURD! The vaccinated will have to learn to love their neighbour as Jesus taught us all to do,Feast of Christ the King is on Sunday 21st November. Does this coincide with Thansgiving I wonder?

  3. As for how bad things could get, I can’t help thinking of the parallels we are living with Our Lady of Kibeho and how she warned about the growing hate in Rwanda.

  4. Cannot view this video in full screen. Nothing happens when I click the full screen button. Just letting you know.

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