20,000 Macaques drop dead by 5th DeathVaxx Dose

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The most common objection to my video in June, where I warned about a massive world-wide die off for the DeathVaxxed, was the insistence to have citations to scientific studies which shows that previous attempts to develop a coronavirus vaccine resulted in the death of test animals.

Well in Italy recently, there was broadcast on national TV the results of two studies published in the Lancet, involving 20 thousand Macaques, a simian which shares 98% the same DNA as our own species. Each animal was given a mRNA vaccine, and then if it survived another dose.

After 5 doses, they ALL were dead! These experiments were done 5 years ago. Evidently on this basis, the Globalists decided to develop mRNA vaccines for humans!

You can get the articles cited by the doctor which appears in the video below, from his Telegram Channel feed @Diegodibonito .

Here is the link:

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5 thoughts on “20,000 Macaques drop dead by 5th DeathVaxx Dose”

  1. I bet you are right Brother Alexis, but I know many people who don’t want to take the 3rd dose because they see it is useless and don’t understand why they need to take the jab all life long. And I think that if people drop dead, it will not be at once for everyone. It will take time and will be scattered. It could take more time than 2 winters to see them all drop dead. What if what is in the jabs was a poison which injects a slow deadly disease like AIDS ? For now, most of the vaccinated are still alive and look fine. I heard someone who is vaccinated and told me that after 4 months, there was barely no risk for someone to have serious problems for a vaccine. Who knows ? Most of the problems we see is from the Spike protein in the body, because of the mRNA injection ? This is a toxic protein that the cells of the vaccinated artificially produce. Dr Zelenko said in one of his videos that this protein eventually disappears from the body after several months… The flu season is just starting now. Let’s see if what you said in your June 18th 2021 video is true. Since february 2021, there is an overmortality of 4,500 people in the people aged 15 to 45 in Europe. Usually, there was 7,000 deaths in this range before February 2021. Now, there are 12,000 people who die each week. This is true there is a problem. And those information are censored by the media. And so long as those deaths are not in your close circle (like family or friends), you are not worried and believe the official narrative. You live in delusion. I still hope those deaths will stay a minority and that those misfortune prophecies are not true. Still, if you want to poison someone and want to make him believe that it is for his own good, like the rat poison, you will not tell him this is a deadly poison and will make the other rats believe it’s fine to eat it. The rats are intelligent enough not to eat something if they see their other fellows drop dead right after taking it. So the rat poison is slow in order for the deception to be completely efficacious on all rats. I bet that if the vaccines were made to kill, it will be the same thing. So, this is not amazing that most of the vaccinated are still alive. Let’s see what will happen. The flu season is starting now…

  2. The mass deaths will happen, no doubt about it.
    Those were predicted by scientists and doctors for those who took two doses.
    Imagine how bad it will get once all these endless booster shots are administered around the world.
    I am not scared for most things, but this is on another level.
    These booster shots will most likely get those that had no adverse reactions to the first or second dose.
    Looking how bad it is in US from the covid shots, maybe they use a different version over there?
    Or they just post more from US online on social media channels?
    We have also seen people who took these two doses, looking healthy and fine for 1-5 months, if they had no adverse reaction early on, to later drop dead within a few months.
    So, once the boosters are added around the globe, it will most likely get way worse than what we have seen online so far.
    The estimated near future death of 2-3 billion people, was estimated by scientists and doctors for the initial two doses.
    My guess is that it will be doubled, and that more deaths will now happen much sooner as well. More people are coerced so naturally more deaths.
    This will be much worse than what we are already seeing which is way beyond acceptable, but still not stopped.
    The 2009 Swine flu “pandemic” flu vaxx killed 100 people, then it was stopped. People still get sick from that one today.
    But this very experimental and unsafe, and useless one, with at best 30% efficiency, needs to be pushed hard and forced down peoples throats..
    Back to 2019 they told them.. Later it was.. Sorry we lied again..
    It does not work.. We can say it online, but not you.
    You need boosters now.. Passport will not be valid otherwise, and you will be labelled unvaccinated, if you don’t get the damn boosters.
    You are now way worse of, than those of us that didn’t take it.
    They now control your immune system, and your entire life.
    We all know what really needs to be done here.
    Standing there outside gov buildings with signs and megaphones does nothing more than making you fell better in a group of likeminded people. That is a good thing, but we really need to get rid of those, who are responsible for this manufactured crisis.

  3. I don’t use Facebook or have an account on it, and to view the video it seems that I need to logon to FB. Can anyone post a direct (non-FB) link to the video?

    (I’m not the same person as poster #1.)

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