Br. Bugnolo’s Monthly Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I want to thank all of you who have helped me and supported me in the last two years, to make FromRome.Info one of the leading Catholic news sites against Globalism in the English speaking world. While our visitors rarely exceed 30K per day, we have grown 100x in just two years.

My work at FromRome.Info is not, however, my entire apostolate. I do whatever I can to give counsel and shelter to those who are fleeing the Great Reset, whether they be priests, seminarians, religious or laity.

The center of my works of mercy is the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, where I reside, which is also a Commandery of the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, an international Catholic apostolate to help persecuted Catholics and Christians, which began with a prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, at Bagnoregio, on August 1, 2016. Little did I know then, that the terrorists that Our Lord was preparing us to fight were the Globalists, and that soon a great darkness would cover the earth and afflict everyone.

In addition, I am preparing a large garden, for the spring, which will measure 24 by 18 yards. This will help me grow enough so as to support guests and any truly desperate poor. I have to be prepared, because by summer, it may be illegal to buy food if you are not DeathVaxxed.

For all who sent such generous support last month, first, a BIG thanks to you. Be assured of my prayers that God bless and protect you.

If you wish to help me keep publishing FromRome.Info or help me help others by providing a place of refuge, please consider a donation by pressing the button here. Note, that, I cannot be certain how long I will be able to be supported by electronic payments, seeing that the Globalists will sooner or later impose political-tests to participate in the electronic economy.

CREDITS: Above is a photo of Br. Bugnolo’s private chapel, with some icons he rescued from the local flea-market and others awaiting a blessing from the next priest who visits the Hermitage. In Brother’s chapel, only the Ancient Roman Rite in Latin is celebrated, both for Mass and the Divine Office. Br. Bugnolo is a Franciscan Brother of private vows, observing the Rule of St. Francis with permission of Pope Benedict XVI. See the About page for more information.

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18 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo’s Monthly Appeal”

  1. Blessings Br. Alexis ,
    I started watching your videos awhile back and I just recently got your website during your last video. We are Traditional Catholics and try to attend the Latin Rite mass in San Diego twice a month. It’s about a 3 hour round trip but we know it is what we should do. All we have locally is the novus ordo and I would rather watch the real mass on tv than go here. I do not support our diocese at all. We have one of the most liberal, bergoglio supporters in the country. We pray for them to wake up and shepherd the flock like they should but that’s in God’s hands. We are going to start supporting your hermitage. May The Holy Spirit keep you in His care.

      1. You cannot send a payment from withing paypal, you must send it via the button on this page, which after you press it, will allow you to log into paypal if you have an account, if not, you can use a credit card.

  2. Thank you so very much for your prophetic voice. Is there any other electronic means of donation, please? Getting cancelled by PayPal is a real concern.

    1. I would ask readers to suggest other electronic means. Stripe canceled after I raised money for wounded Armenian soldiers last year, since Azerbaijan is an ally of the Rotshchilds and Israel, where Stripe is operated from (Tel Aviv).

  3. Hello Br Alexis,
    Is it possible to donate directly to your account and not use PayPal? Using an IBAN ?
    Thank you for your messages of support to Christians around the world.

    1. I have no bank account, as am a Franciscan brother. I receive help either in person or through existing charities. They determine the methods of payment.

    1. On line fund raising sites take % of the money and keep records of your benefactors. That in my opinion does not respect the benefactors’ intentions or personal privacy.

  4. Hello Bro. Alexis
    I have been donating monthly to your cause and it shows up on my PayPal as being paid to Old St. Mary’s. I hope this does not get cancelled.
    Thank you.

  5. PayPal won’t let me send a donation via credit card on file or via money in my PayPal account. 12-1-21. Trying to determine where the transaction is failing but kind of unusual.

    1. You cannot use all cards with Paypal. You also cannot use a card which is used to identify and register a paypal account.

      BUT if you purchase a VISA or MasterCard GIFT CARD, that will work.

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