Fr. Gruner prophetically warned us about the Great Reset 9 years ago

Italian Voice-over


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10 thoughts on “Fr. Gruner prophetically warned us about the Great Reset 9 years ago”

  1. In 2014, Father Nicholas Gruner explains linked here below in this excerpted part of his discussion that POPE BENEDICT DID NOT RESIGN THE MUNUS, THE OFFICE; and there IS NO SUCH THING AS TWO POPES.

    Here is the excerpted part provided by AKA

    Father Gruner died on April 29, 2015 and questions remain in our minds and hearts regarding and surrounding his death.

    In addition, We thank GOD and THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY for Father Gruner and for Brother Alexis Bugnolo for their persevering courage, tenacity, and Faithful service to GOD in exposing TRUTH for the salvation of souls and for building up the KINGDOM of GOD on earth.


      1. No, Br Bugnolo.

        Michael Stephen’s additional link of Fr Gruner from Oct 2015 complements the presentation at your English-speaking link. that is from 2012.

    1. @Michael Stephen:

      Thank you for this link. It enlightens even further having watched Fr Gruner’s speech at Br Bugnolo’s link.

      The schism in Fatima Center after Fr Gruner’s untimely and mysterious demise (@TRUTH please) and after John Venari’s own death causes me great pause for thought especially when Christopher Ferrar, Esq comes out in favor of anti-pope Bergoglio while at the same time basking in his long-time relationship with Fr. Gruner.

      This gaslighting by Ferrara, Michael Matt, Taylor Marshall, Voris, Coffin, and others from English-speaking media platforms must be challenged and overcome.

  2. Fr Gruner had the gift of tears. If you notice his talks about aspects of the faith he chokes up every so often like as if he were battling a head cold or congestion.

  3. Coincidentally (there are no coincidences),
    Fr . Gruner died on the feast of St. Catherine of Siena who lived during a time of turmoil in the church and the church having an anti Pope.

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