One Year Ago: GloriaTV redefined “Catholic Church” and “Truth”

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5 thoughts on “One Year Ago: GloriaTV redefined “Catholic Church” and “Truth””

  1. That shameful announcement is one year old: are they at Gloria.Tv still strictly enforcing it?

    I have just spent some minutes checking Gloria.Tv and I’ve still found openly Sedevacantist canals there but without recent posts (on their website IMBC, the major Italian Sedeprivationist priestly society, still links to Gloria.Tv).

    But I have found on Gloria.Tv some recent date Sedevacantist comments and posts in other canals.

    More, I’ve found that Gloria.Tv keeps publishing their popular sarcastist cartoons against “their pope” Francis: Trad inc. clerical schizophrenia is going on ☹ , alleged Catholics keeps demolishing the Papacy.

    I discontinued posting on that (no longer) Catholic portal in February 2019: in the previous 2-3 years I spent a lot of hours reading, posting and commenting on Gloria.Tv and I remember that several canals, and many more commentators put
    “in doubt Francis… and also John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI … lawful status!”!
    All flavours of ancient and recent, semi-literate and insane or learned and rational, hard or soft Sedevacantism were allowed by Gloria.Tv editor.

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