7 thoughts on “We are living in the 1979 Film, “The Hamburg Syndrome””

  1. This hits the nail on the head.


    They’ve been telling us all along what they intend to do with us and to us. We just weren’t listening.

  2. Unfortunately, this film has completely missed the point. Why? Because viruses are neither alive nor contagious/infectious. It is physically impossible for viruses to be transmitted from person to person killing people in the proess.They are benign and represent the last line of defence of our immune system. A virus is merely a genetic expression triggered by environmental toxins, i.e. the so-called virus causes adjustments in our bodies designed to cope with the effects of environmental toxins. These adjustments can create bacterial infections, which may require a medical intervention. The infections are erroneously attributed to so-called viruses, which is utter nonsense because a virus is always benign. We have the medical know-how to successfully deal with these bacterial infections and, therefore, there is no need for so-called vaccines, which – by their definition – offer no protection, but are highly toxic as well as lethal.

    1. You have missed the point of learning about the film. The main point is, In 1979, the same lousy fiction planners were at work as they are now. The methods are fear conditioning & masonic ritual process. It is spell that gets you, not the cartoon science.

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