5 thoughts on “Why Msgr. Fenton said Vatican II would be the end of the Catholic Religion”

  1. Dear Brother, why do you believe Ratzi nger, a public heretic himself, is the Vicar of Christ? Are you familiar with his denial of the doctrine of Original Sin for instance? The filthy Bergolgio is merely the most obviously heretical of the Conciliar non pope’s.

    1. I am one of the greatest theological critics of Ratzinger. Give me any book written by him before or after his election as Roman Pontiff and you can bet that I will toss it in the garbage can. However, as regards the crime of heresy, one not only has to express heresy as ones own opinion, one has to intend to reject a revealed doctrine. If one is deceived by attending to the errors of others that a particular doctrine is revealed by God, or cannot see that its principles are, one can fall into a heretical opinion without being a heretic. It’s called a reatus ex ignorantia, and in canon law, it is not imputable. I know that as a theologian he has embraced many errors, but I do not see evidence that he is a formal heretic thereby, for these reasons. If you do not read the Scholastics, it is impossible to understand the doctrine of Original Sin when criticized by modern theology. He personally disdains the recent forms of Scholasticism and thus, I believe, honestly misunderstands the doctrine.

  2. Only the title of this video is nonsense, because Jesus said that the gates of hell will never prevail over His Church and because the Virgin in La Salette said that the Church will be ECLIPSED and not GONE. This means that the Church still exists but its hierarchical and human component is forced into the catacombs. http://www.papalrestoration.com/

    There is no past, present or future Catholic religion. The only Catholic religion is the one founded by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago and is immutable until the end of the world. There have been, exist and will exist only men who have lived it, live it and will live it and men who have lived it, live it and will live it badly or not at all. The Catholic religion is the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church is the Catholic religion. In spiritual realities, numbers, polls, etc. have almost zero value. The Catholic Church or the Catholic religion is where there is even also a very small number of Catholics (most of whom God alone knows) scattered around the world who have remained faithful to the Gospel left to us by Jesus and passed on to us by the Apostles and Tradition. That then the virus of apostasy (infinitely worse than the Covid 19 one) has hit almost the whole Catholic world it is certain, and in any case it was prophesied by Jesus Himself with the words “When the Son of man returns to earth there will still be faith ? “, making it clear that there will be only a small part, as was prophesied by St. Paul, St. John and so many saints and seers of every age.
    The title of the video should have been in the form of a question: “Are we in the end times apostasy foretold by the Scriptures? The answer is probably “Yes”, at least for the vast majority of the baptized, who unfortunately risk eternal damnation.
    Let us pray and make children pray above all, for the salvation of souls, as little Jacinta of Fatima did, terrified by the vision of Hell.

    1. The title of this program refers to a historical fact. Msgr. Fenton is one of the most lauded Catholic theologians of the past century in the United States. But you are correct in discerning that his statement might be take to imply that which is contrary to the faith. Nevertheless, it is a fact of history that Vatican II gravely injured Holy Mother Church and gravely damaged the Traditio Fidei.

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