One thought on “Bill Gates caught giving $319 Million USD to Main Stream Media in USA”

  1. This article should make everyone realize that GATES and the other accomplices involved in this plandemic controlled the main sleaze media and a plethora of so called scientists, so called medical experts, big pharma, the government elites, and so forth.

    We listened to them IN FEAR about covid including masks, daily death counts from cov-2019 to present day, lockdowns, testing ourselves for the virus with false tests, experimental injections, so called mandates galore, etc., etc., etc.

    And the list of evil organizations that brainwashed, mind- controlled and propagandized us with their lies and deceptions through FEAR should now be understood as FULLY EXPOSED.

    THE GRUESOME REALITY is that those ones who are involved follow satan, and they are in the business of exterminating the global populations of people who are being manipulated to such an extent that multitudes of victims are already dead or have had their health destroyed.

    Each person must now decide whom to follow – satan and his minions or GOD and HIS WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE?


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