CROATIA: Jesus leads Catholics in Zagreb in protest against the DeathVaxx Passport

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15 thoughts on “CROATIA: Jesus leads Catholics in Zagreb in protest against the DeathVaxx Passport”

    1. If every country Put Jesus in the First Place like Croatia especially my country Ireland 🇮🇪This would end the Plandemic

  1. JESUS ​​BEFORE THE CROATIAN PARLIAMENT, JERICHO MUST FALL: About the powerful piety that brought Jesus to the center of Zagreb

    On Sunday night, a dominican father Dominik Gerbic, better known to the public for a sermon that stirred Croatia some time ago, accompanied by hundreds of people, went out with the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, which is the living God Jesus Christ, into the streets of Zagreb and surrounded seven times the building of the Croatian Parliament praying the Jericho devotion. It is a magnificent event in which hundreds of people, led by Jesus Christ himself, defended their Croatian people before the Lord against satan and his minions.

  2. I stand with Croatia and all freedom loving people of the world. If we worship and honor God first, we will have a holy effort that can be blessed by Him. With Him, we cannot lose.
    God bless all freedom loving people. We share this struggle together and cheer any victory. We earnestly watch the attempts and cheer those too. Onward Christian soldiers!

  3. So proud of my beloved people of Croatia Bog I Hrvati ‘ God and Croations we always put God first and rightly So through him with him and in him

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