15 thoughts on “Dr. David Martin: Who are the Faces of those Genociding Humanity”

  1. Brilliant video.
    Dr David Martin has decided it’s time to take the gloves off!
    He’s the most honest doctor out there.

  2. Mukesh Ambani has pathetic progeny so yes likely Dr David Martin was right in his previous video that they have lost hope in their progeny so are going after rest of the humanity!

    1. This is about the longest nothing burger report that I have ever seen in my lifetime, where the biggest objection brought by the author is that Martin uses language in his bio that the author cannot understand. According to this author, everyone is involved in the Great Reset and so we cannot trust anyone, even someone who says in public that he opposes it and explains how it has been prepared.

  3. Dr. Martin states that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are not involved in the covid genocide scheme. If he promotes that falsehood he is just a shield man for them. David Rockefeller himself was proud to be part of a conspiracy to establish a one world government; Prince Phillip said he wanted to come back as a deadly disease to wipe out most of humanity after his death. The players Martin has listed are bit players. We need to go after the power behind the thrones. There are approximately 150 to 200 persons at the top of the evil pyramid.

      1. He denies the Rockefeller and Rothschild involvement at the 28:10 to 28:14 minute mark. Plus most of the people he names are already high profile public figures contrary to his claims of them being the hidden ones.

      2. He does say that, but he says it as a quip, not as an absolute factual affirmation. Where did all these people get the power and money to control all world governments, obviously? If the Rockefellers and Rothschilds were not behind it, it would not even take off. The Truth is all the investors of Black Rock are behind it, that is, all or nearly all the billionaires on Earth.

  4. This is quite a risky move for Dr. Martin. The forces against humanity must be overwhelmingly massive to have motived him to expose the identities with faces/names. This list reveals the staggering depth and breadth of the secret global society. After hearing this disclosure, it should be very clear we must take action. This goes way beyond the publicly known accomplices, the number of faceless hidden forces on a mission to destroy God’s creation by puppeteering world leaders and government is incalculable. I’m sure there must be many more levels so secret that he doesn’t know about them.

    1. This guy is a raving anti-Catholic bigot and total jerk, who probably has never read the papal bull he claims to exist. If you can find any citation where he claims to name the Bull, I will very gladly publish a translation of the Latin text and debunk this bigot out of the ball park…

      As for the video you cite, he accuses Pope Innocent III of proposing a form of life in which you exist to accumulate goods, and then at the end of his video he asserts that you exist to accumulate goods. (vomit!)

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