How to be a Catholic: Episode #1: Why Adoration of the Most Holy Trinity is So Important

This is a 11 part series, which Br. Bugnolo published this spring, and which is now being republished episode by episode for the edification of the many thousands of new Catholics who are readers of FromRome.Info.

12 thoughts on “How to be a Catholic: Episode #1: Why Adoration of the Most Holy Trinity is So Important”

  1. Many Catholics are likely unfamiliar with the Quicumque or Athanasian Creed which emphasizes with great detail most especially the Catholic doctrine on the Trinity. This credal formula was beloved by defender of the Salvation Dogma, Fr Leonard Feeney, “canceled” by his Jesuit order. Having received assistance in a practical concern in wake of a simple novena requesting his help from eternity (it consisted of a daily Pater, Ave, Gloria & recitation of this creed), I encourage the practice as an efficient way of immersing one’s self in the majestic truth of the Godhead.
    (Lest anyone object on a point of premature dulia: one’s freedom in private devotion is not restricted as would be the case in a public manifestation of the same. In any case, the prayers are the Church’s own & carry their own force.)

  2. I enjoyed this homily Br. Bugnolo. I would like to share a poem which always gives me comfort.

    Before the Beginning

    by Christina Rossetti

    Before the beginning Thou hast foreknown the end,
    Before the birthday the death-bed was seen of Thee:
    Cleanse what I cannot cleanse, mend what I cannot mend.
    O Lord All-Merciful, be merciful to me.

    While the end is drawing near I know not mine end:
    Birth I recall not, my death I cannot foresee:
    O God, arise to defend, arise to befriend,
    O Lord All-Merciful, be merciful to me.

  3. So edifying, Bro. Bugnolo!

    Thank you for reiterating the #1 Commandment.

    The Holy Ghost truly works through you!

    God bless you and continue to give you good health to proclaim the Truth of Our Lord.

    Ave Maria!

  4. I’m glad for these talks because the Christians who are fighting what’s going on In society, the average mother, father and lay people, truly need as much encouragement spiritually to keep faithful to the Faith! Unfortunately we are like sheep wandering in the desert desperate for our shepherd, the clergy, but many seem to be locking arms with the world. I truly feel like I’m in the desert desperate for a cup of cold water for my soul. Thank God for the Heavenly Host,Our Blessed Mother, Angels and Saints because lately they are my only comfort and best friends giving me Strength and encouraging me on! Long Live Christ the King!

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