How to fight the Great Reset spiritually

UPDATE NOV. 20, 2021 AT 2 AM ROME TIME — This video was byte-burned a few hours ago on YouTube. You can now only find it here.

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16 thoughts on “How to fight the Great Reset spiritually”

  1. Thank you brother Bugnolo.
    It’s good to hear more people are thinking the same.
    I stopt watching movies (from Hollywood) since I got my religion back in 1992.
    My thought is, that violent and horror movies are bad for your soul and you express this too.
    It’s going to get a lot worse as predicted.
    In Austria there is proposed that the poison becomes mandatory per Februari 1th.
    So no more human rights, no more Nürnberg code.

  2. The dilemma I face in all this is that God gave people free will and no matter how horrified I am at seeing the psychosis in extended family and friends at some point I have to let it go and turn it over to Jesus. My husband and children know the truth and I have kept them pure and safe , which is my responsibility before God, and have shared info to others but it’s like falling on deaf ears. So my only recourse is to continue on trying to be a living witness to Christ and His Truth, praying and fasting, hoping the seeds I planted will take root in those and one day they will turn from their wicked ways and come back to God. I want to be a witness by my life to show others their is a better way because words and info just doesn’t seem to be getting through. Ave Maria!

  3. Yes, FRA Alexis, I can not believe HOW many clergy here in the States took the “vaccine” & continue to promote taking the boosters!!??? Brotherly love for each other???!! You can not even mention being unvaccinated…Some of the clergy are even telling you it’s your duty in the confessionals!! Don’t be selfish! They were first in line before the “vaccine” was even offered to the mass population! What about the clergy in Rome?? MilleGrazie for the video! Pace e Bene! PS…love all your videos..use a tag line that’s close to your heart at the closing of all your videos!!

  4. I am not a Catholic; however, I am a Christian and I appreciate your videos and much of the content on this site. Yes, we are truly in a battle between good and evil and need to stay close to God and support each other in these trying times.

  5. Thank you, Bro. Bugnolo for this message. I agree that the violence and pretty much all the shows (including commercials) being shown in the black tubes are all psyops. I stopped watching TV altogether. The late Fr. Leonard Feeney said that “having a TV in your house is like having a jew in your living room”.

    Our Lady of Fatima warned us of this crisis and the popes never heeded in the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary when it was requested in 1960.

    Let us all pray our daily Rosary that Our Lord will allow for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to hasten. She promised there will be a period of peace in the world.

    1. This is simply not true. The sequence of events in the Apocalypse are not simultaneous. And even St. Hildegard von Bigen said that there would be an era of peace and Christian revival before the end.

  6. Thank you Br. Bugnolo for reminding us what love in action actually means. Time to cut the head off the snake — by arrests, confiscation of ill gotten gains, destruction of the murder weapons and their means of production/destruction as you have so clearly described. Time to rise up Christian men; put down your entrainment devices and act!

  7. Thankyou Br Alexis so much for the video , you reaffirm all my beliefs regarding this scandemic it us truly horrific what is happening here in Australia, I’m in Victoria and you need to be Double poisened to go to mass. Our Bishop’s and Priests are not “feeding” the unjabbed they have abandoned and segregated us. How angry our Lord must be ,l pray the rosary every day and l know l am being led by the holy spirit to reject the evil and l believe God has pulled the pin on this godless society until man is brought to its knees 🙏 please pray for my daughter Jazmyn as she had the poison to be able to work she is not well sadly after having it.

  8. Don’t forget Brother, when the US bishops shut down the mass, it was precisely 50 years to the day that the Novus Ordo was started in the US. There are no coincidences with God .

  9. May the Holy Spirit bless you, protect you, and enrich you in God’s faithful and continued Mercies and Graces through Yeshua the Christ.

    We thank Him for the Gift of Faith with which you have been graced.

    Thank you for being a conduit of such a clear, crisp, warm, and concise message in this video – and for sharing it!

    Blessings in Christ,

    Vincenzo Brando

  10. How to convince the millions of misled Christians who are willingly accept and advocate these so-called “vaccines” as the solution to a pandemic they are taught to be deadly scared of and who are willing to subject even their own children to such an evil game, as to force them to wearing mask and allowing them to receive these deadly dangerous “vaccines”?

    My attempt:


    It is a well-known practice by psychopathic leaders, mass manipulation and mental abuse, a manifestation of the “gaslighting” method. ‘Yeah, I said that yesterday, but now it’s different.’ Or, ‘I’ve never said so, you were not listening. You’re the one who’s confused, not me.’

    The exercise that now they say x, but in a month it will be -x, is just the entry level.
    The CONvid narrative was invented by the advanced.

    Because we you look at the big picture, its essence is nothing less than x equals -x at the same time. Prime example of the Orwellian doublethink.

    Because according to the narrative, it is so that you are healthy when you are sick, and you are sick when you are healthy.

    If you are symptom free, ie healthy but come out “positive” on the bogus PCR-test, you’ll be kept in your home cage for your fake Covid-sickness for 2 weeks. If you’re healthy, and even the bogus test result comes out negative, you remain a mortal danger to society, so you have to be made sick by a vaccine, which, if it doesn’t kill you, will break down your immune system and make you sick. So you’ll too have to be quarantined. At first only at home, but in due time in central, isolated hospitals from which you will not get out alive. The new gas chamber is lethal “medicines” and high pressure ventilators. It’s all your foult. How did you dare to be healthy?

    But if you’re vaccinated, it means you’re healthy, even if you’re sick, and even if you’re spreading the disease. If you’re not sick, you’re definitely spreading the disease. If you die from the side effects of the vaccine, it’s best because you’re definitely no longer spreading the disease. This small sacrifice that you get sick and die from the vaccine is a small collateral damage. Your sacrifice is worth making for the public ‘good’ of increasing the number of fake Covid cases so that others will be vaccinated, get sick and die as well, and so that the masks and lockdowns can continue forever. Isn’t the sacrifice worth it?

    But as long as you are alive in your sick-healthy state, you will enjoy fantastic privileges, including the freedom to sit on your high horse, look down on to and exclude anyone who is not so privileged or lucky as to still have only a placebo instead of an mRNA or killer shot. It’s especially fashionable to shun those who, being aware of what’s going on, don’t wish to enter any Russian roulette games, not even once, let alone on a regular basis.

    As long as you are healthy while being sick-healthy, you enjoy the feeling of belonging to the elite and enjoy the knowledge of the segregation of others, until you too get fed up with the 6, 5, 4,… then monthly mandatory vaccines. Because you suddenly recognise the causal link between the vaccine and the symptoms called “Covid-19”, or because you noticed that one of your children died from the third vaccine and you might want to keep your other child alive.

    But maybe by the time you wake up, everyone with whom you could possibly unite will have been carried off to the death camps.

    The question is, how many of your fellow-humans in the world, in your own country, even in your own family, have to die because of this unthinkable fraud, and just because you vaccine-faith believer refuse to listen and think? How many lives must be lost, and how much suffering should be there, because you refuse to wake up, change your opinion and join our anti-Covid-vaxx movement?

  11. Dear Br Bugnolo, thanks for all that you do, you are helping people during these tumultuous times. Praying for you daily. Brother I understand what you are saying about arresting the evil politicians and police. But how do suppose that we do that? So lets say that we get a bunch of people who thing like us, so we are to walk into the police station and arrest all of the police officers that don’t think the right way? So how do we wrestle them and get there guns? So let’s say their is a good many of us and then they call in the military, do we fight the military and try to arrest them? Their are so many people that do not see what’s going on? We would need to convince every individual to be willing to go against the military and police who have tear gas, much more artillery’s than the citizens. Also storming the local government buildings and national, you would be fighting artillery and all of the government agencies which are all controlled. Brother Bugnolo, I believe that you are a brave, and God Fearing Brother. You have the heroic courage. But I know in my heart that these are the end times. God is going to chastise the world very soon. Not just because a seer says it. But because never in the history of this world has their been a world wide, evil world order that a large percentage of the world is believing and following. Most of my family believes it. most of the world believes it and is getting vaccinated because of fear. The vaccines and modern medicine has always been evil . At one time all doctors and colleges taught homeopathy, and herbal treatments, and then Mr Rockenfeller and Mr Carnegie at the turn of the century paid off colleges and got laws passed that only patentable medicines and dangerous surgeries were taught in colleges. We treat doctors like God’s. We have given the medical society and drug companies so much power over the years. God Bless you Brother Bugnolo, praying for you and your order and all on here daily

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