10 thoughts on “What’s Happening in Australia?”

  1. Inspiring. Yes, it is a global problem. Time for Law Enforcement to fall on the side of “Citizens” which IS what they are.
    Elite Ruling Class Nazis MUST be put in their appropriate place…And, that includes the illustrious royals.

  2. RB’s snide remark about the Madonna is a shame and does not show respect or understanding that this is a spiritual war. Being Australian I recognize that most of the protesters agree with appeasing the beast with calls to worldly rationale and civility. Satan laughs!
    Let’s pray!

    1. RB is part of the ruling cult (luciferian). He flashes masonic hand signals in various posed photos. His insults against our Lady are a tell. His ex wife was never a Christian; she too flashes their masonic hand signals and uses masonic symbolism in most of her artistic work. The claim to Christianity is just a game they play to fit in with Christian society and then lead the young astray into their depraved occult lifestyles.

      1. Hello, can you tell me who RB is? I’m Canadian and don’t know who’s who in Australia. What did he say about Our Lady? I watched the video but couldn’t pick out who is who.

  3. RB – Russell Brand – is an English comedian. He is not Australian. He used to be married to Katy Perry

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