8 thoughts on “Where to find Br. Bugnolo’s Videos?”

  1. The first of your videos I saw had been posted on YouTube by a third party, as I recall. They compelled me to seek you out.

    You were walking the streets of Rome at night as you spoke in those videos … I really enjoyed that ambiance (for lack of a better word). Is there a reason you haven’t continued making videos like those? Just curious about that!

      1. Thank You Brother B for all the simple God fearing Truth bombs you drop onto those who chose to listen to such sage advice and that NEED to hear and live by these truths. We pray for our Brothers and Sisters who are persecuted world wide by the Evil that has fully griped this planet. True Christians “Know” how this ends as does the Evil one, yet he will drag as many as he can with him into that pit of eternal fire. I am amazed at those that refuse to see this. May God bless and keep you.

  2. This website is the best we have come to rely on because there is so much that is provided regarding the truth of our present times and that which is so important and timely in order to understand according to right reason and right judgement.

    As we are cradle Catholics, fallen away Catholics, and now repentant and IN LOVE WITH THE TRUTH OF OUR CATHOLIC FAITH AND THE ONE, HOLY, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH, the sources of truth have dwindled; however, the TRUTH is presented at From Rome.

    We thank you, Brother Bugnolo, for all your efforts. They mean a great deal to us.

    May GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS and IN ALL WAYS, Brother Alexis.

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