FRANCE: Rothschild Dictatorship uses violence against opponents of DeathVaxx Passport

Today in the Streets of Paris:

Remember, for globalists violence to promote their agenda is good, and violence to oppose their agenda is bad. This is entirely different from the Christian perspective, where violence to perpetrate moral evil or injustice is evil, and violence to defend against that is good and even holy when done in the Name of Jesus.

Br. Bugnolo launches a social media platform for free speech

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

And its name is  You can even message me privately on the platform when you need to contact him. Members can all call each other by encrypted text, audio and video messaging.

To enroll you only need to chose a username and password. It’s free for all.

The headline of this article is a slight exaggeration. The idea of a platform was the project of AJ Baalmand and myself, and we launched it through Ordo Miltiaris Inc., a Montana corporation dedicated to the defense of Christians, which we both founded, and of which I am president. But I know I have a lot of fans here at FromRome.Info, I know that mentioning my own name will get you to read this notice.

Since the platform is backed by a U. S. Corporation, you can even invest in it by buying stock.

I personally invite you all to join.  Platforms such as Twitter and FB are not only attempting to manipulate you but are using your activity there to identify you and target you. On CrossAzure we gather no data and use no method for favoring one persons posts over another. The style of the site is microblogging, and we hope the site grows so we can add a market place and video publishing platform too.

Click the image below for more information.

NETHERLANDS: Globalist Gestapo use deadly force against Humans opposed to Dictatorship

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news out of Rotterdam is horrific. The Police have murdered in cold blood, by firing into the crowd in an attempt to stop civil unrest against the Sanitary Dictatorship which is demanding all accept the DeathVaxx passport.

UPDATE: 7 Protestors shot.

Here are some videos which are being shared on social media. I would ask those in the Netherlands who read FromRome.Info to confirm or not whether one of them shows the actual murder of a bystander.

Here is a report from a main stream media outlet:

A visit to The Cathedral of Segni, Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When FromRome.Info began, it was my intention to include images and videos from various Churches and historical places in and around Rome.  With the Plandemic this became very difficult, but as I get a chance, I share here some of the beautiful things I discover, when I am able to make a trip outside of Rome.

Today, when visiting the ancient city of Segni, home of the Conti dei Segni, a noble family in the SE of the province of Rome, I had the opportunity to visit the Cathedral.  Segni has given the Church 5 Popes: Saint Vitaliano (657-672), Innocent III, Gregory IX, Alexander IV, and Innocent XIII, not to mention St. Bruno, Bishop of Segni (1079-1123), who refuted the heretic Berengarius of Tours, at the Second Lateran Council, for having denied the real presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Segni is a city of great importance in the history of the Crusades, since St. Bruno, its Bishop was one of the few Catholic Bishops of Italy who supported the true Pope, Urban II, and who attended the Council of Clermont with him, 926 years ago this week, where, on Nov. 28, 1095, the First Crusade was called.

By the Divine Providence, the choir was rehearsing an Oratorio as I entered, so I shot this music video. Enjoy!

Globalist Satanic Curia is destroying Monastic communities world-wide

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A lot of Catholics who know that Benedict XVI might be the pope but refuse to investigate or look at the evidence, respond to invitations to do so, with the quip:  “What difference does it make who is the Pope?”

That is a lot like, “What difference does it make who is President?”

Its a very transparent argument by persons who have no moral integrity but who prefer perks and privileges of the ruling clique to historical truth or factual evidence.

Well, there is more evidence to show that the Catholic who argue this way are in fact aiding and abetting one of the largest campaigns of destruction against Monastic communities world-wide.

Click the image above to read all about it.