Globalist Satanic Curia is destroying Monastic communities world-wide

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A lot of Catholics who know that Benedict XVI might be the pope but refuse to investigate or look at the evidence, respond to invitations to do so, with the quip:  “What difference does it make who is the Pope?”

That is a lot like, “What difference does it make who is President?”

Its a very transparent argument by persons who have no moral integrity but who prefer perks and privileges of the ruling clique to historical truth or factual evidence.

Well, there is more evidence to show that the Catholic who argue this way are in fact aiding and abetting one of the largest campaigns of destruction against Monastic communities world-wide.

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8 thoughts on “Globalist Satanic Curia is destroying Monastic communities world-wide”

  1. It would appear that at some point, the targeted consecrated women will have to recognize in Bergoglio an antipope and disavow being subject to either his decrees or his minions if they are to fight effectively for their monasteries and rules of life, so to persevere in their vocations, How difficult this may be owing to ownership of the buildings will likely require the support of secular attorneys. Just how long our Lord may permit the siege to endure is a pertinent factor in the current miasma, but surely He will see to it that nuns so-committed will not have to endure without sacramental support, even to sending them priests of the caliber of Edmund Campion.

  2. A few days ago I met a Catholic woman who was recently received into the Orthodox Church via chrismation. She was introduced to me by the priest who chrismated her.

    The reason she wanted to become Orthodox? Bergoglio.

    My first thought was that she didn’t give “informed consent”. I’m not even a Catholic and I don’t believe Bergoglio is the Pope. It’s obvious what’s going on.

  3. Jewish Freemasonry took over the Holy See in 1958 with the fraudulent election of the Rosicrucian Freemason Roncalli / John XXIII, imposed by the B’nai B’rith, the most powerful lodge reserved for Jews only. Almost all of his successors, (Montini / Paul VI, Woytjla / John Paul II, Ratzinger / Benedict XVI, up to the current Argentine antipope), were Jews or of Jewish origin. What we have seen for 63 years is not the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, but a counter-church created by Jewish Freemasonry, through its cardinals infiltrated in the Hierarchy, to definitively destroy Christian civilization. The actual and false epidemy is another step of this diabolical plan.
    To continue to believe, above all, to make believe, that the jewish free masons Bergoglio, Ratzinger, Woytjla, Montini, have been the true popes, who ruled the true Catholic Church, is exactly the goal of Jewish Freemasonry: put the spotlight on everything, particulary on Christianity, but never on Freemasonry, which is the operative sect of the Judaism, which try to destroy from 2000 years Christianity. Unfortunately most Christians have accepted the corruption sowed by Judaism at full hands, to blind their minds making themselves accomplices of the Jewish plot against Jesus-Christ and His Church, which is living in the “Catacombs”, with its legitimate Pope Gregory XVIII, the successor of Gregory XVII/Siri legitimately elected in 1958 Conclave and obliged to renounce in favour of the B’nai B’rith puppet, the Rosicrucian Roncalli.

    Please get informed, do research because the thing is much more serious than you can imagine. It is no coincidence that the world is today one step away from the nuclear war, with which lucifer, the god of the Jewish, (as witnessed in a famous interview by the Jewish Harold.W.Rosenthal, loosing for this, his life), wants to destroy the God creation and and drag as many souls as possible, into his reign of horror and despair unimaginables. .
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    1. You got it all wrong, its not the Jewish Freemasons who have influence at the Vatian, its the CIA through its Gladio networks and its 1953 declaration of war against the Church. We are covering this over at Ordo Militaris Radio TV in a long series. Time to put aside suspicion and get to real facts, which prove that indisputably. The ruse that the Jews are behind everything is a Masonic lie used to distract you from the real culprits. There are a lot of persons of every race who are good and bad people. Evil is not in the genes or blood, its in the soul. To think it is in the blood is gnostic and albigensian. If you hold either doctrine, you are a heretic, not a Christian.

      1. It is another world’s war, what’s going on now, but because it’s not announced loudly and officially, nobody believes it. All of us, who oppose falling for n-w-o, are enemies, and we are the ones, that will be exterminated first. A war in traditional sense will not be launched, because it would be dangerous for those who are the authors of n-w-o. First they have to separate us (that’s why the wirus), those who comply from those who don’t. They don’t care to kill all of us, just enemies for now.

  4. Ever since he flagrantly violated the first commandment in front of the whole world, we’ve been in a chastisement where it has become clear that Satanists are depopulating the world and enslaving those who survive.

    When the false prophet removes the real presence from the mass, the antichrist might show up.

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