The Rittenhouse trial should make all Christians rethink their vocation

In this video, Br. Bugnolo explains how to draw all the poison of Globalism and Freemasonry out of your soul, on the topic of the natural right of self defense and the duty of the Christian to respond to the words of Our Lord and King: Greater love no man hath…

Nota Bene: Br. Bugnolo needs to get more sleep, so please excuse him, because he intended to say, “Founded in 2000 and Sixteen” not “Founded in 2000 and Six”, and “Masonic governments” not “Islamic governments”.

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8 thoughts on “The Rittenhouse trial should make all Christians rethink their vocation”

  1. The modern way of thinking perpetuated by almost every humanistic profession does not include the notion of sacrafice. And yet a few persons seem able to fight their way through the storm of propaganda to fight their way to the ultimate truths….death. judgment, Heaven or Hell. Death is for those who are religious the most important occasion in their life. For God will judge them.An Angel with a fiery sword stands at the Pearly Gates and many people dont get in. Freemasonry doesnt teach this. They ignore the doctrine that there is a Hell. And yet, Google Our Lady of Fatima. In 1917 Mary appeared in Fatima Portugal to three children shepparding sheep. She showed them a vision of Hell. The whole story was made into an excellent movie in 1953. It is not a fairy tale.
    Sadly, our American Bishops this week in Baltimore voted by an overwhelming majority not to address Holy Communion for pro abortion supporters like Pelosi and Biden and Francis . Recently these 2 visited Francis in Rome. Biden announced that Francis said that he was a good catholic and could recieve Communion in spite of his known views This means that they all three follow Masonic teaching vs Catholic Teaching. And the buck stops at the Francis. It’s time for Action. The red cross is a .miraculous signet of the conversion of the empire Constantine
    In the 300s We all need to wear one in this battle. Wear it on your coat lapel, or on a chain around your neck or on your tee shirt. St Bernard preached the 2nd Crusade. Ask his intercession.


  2. Amazing commentary. I feel like more Christians need to learn scripture and understand law as it was written, and not as it was twisted by the Freemasons or those who oppose Christ our Lord. This is my new inspiration, to go back and study those noble men who fought in Christs name.

  3. saw a video on telegram showing the background of courthouse in the case being green screened.. claim in caption was it is a psyop.

    perhaps they want more riots.

  4. Brother I wish everyone could hear your wise words of counsel. Even being tired you make more sense than 1000 talking heads that spout pacifist nonsense, most of them in our church. Catholics have been taught un-Catholic drivel for such a long time, and our men, feminized. This happens at a bad time, when we need moral and upright men, we find we may be short.
    I remind people that apart from God we can do nothing much. With God we can do all things. If we love liberty, we must do all things in order to keep it. These people aim to take it.

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