A Warning and Advice from a former Psyop Officer in U.S. Military

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10 thoughts on “A Warning and Advice from a former Psyop Officer in U.S. Military”

  1. Be brave, stand up to the imperitia of the Babylonian criminals.
    A fortiori, with an EXPERIMENTAL and LETHAL injection…
    Refuse the terminal injection, the rt-PCR tests (all tests), the ritual masking, the so-called social distancing…
    Trust in God and he will remove your affliction and problems…
    The solution is there, do not despair anymore…
    NEVER consent under fear…Never surrender…Never back down…”NEVER EVER GIVE UP – JUST KEEP FORWARD – NEVER STOP – NEVER EVER QUIT ”
    And KEEP HOPE, KEEP ALL HOPE and never NEVER consent under fear…

    No acquiescence, we just have to say NO and THIS MADNESS IS over…

    The totalitarian technocratic system of this cabalist globalist cult, whose Sabbatean-Frankist creed is the infernal doctrine of Satan’s Synagogue for the Revolution has no autority and is illusionary…
    Because the power has no autority.


    Covid restrictions and mandatory vaccinations are outlawed and nullified by common sense, by Science, by common law assemblies.

    We MUST RESIST, by all means and ready to fight if necessary.

    This incredibly evil totalitarian system of governance will be absolutely ruthless in its quest for public compliance, destroy and
    eliminate all non-conformists, political and religious dissenters!
    STOP BE-LIE-VING in AUTHORITY, in civil law, the laws of the admiralty, the laws of despicable and satanic Queen (already executed),
    the sea of the dead, the strawman, which are are obviously UNLAWFUL (These vile criminals of Babylon, the
    phenician->Venitian/khazarian/ashkenazi mafia laws) which are the laws of CONSENT, because you choose Slavery, in
    contradiction of Natural Laws GOD Laws…

    In fine question Everything, research by yourself, and Come To Your Own Conclusions.

    God bless you, and God bless all hyper-dimensional and sovereign beings.

    “They’re not after me, They’re after YOU. I’m just standing in their way” President Donald Trump.

    When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is for us a refuge and a support, and we are, we the Sovereign and Supreme Souls, the mediators who will accomplish and execute, his ultimate and sublime Plan.

    The trust GOD has given us, concerning President D. Trump, is unshakeable and we know that the ultimate achievement will be to return Power to the People…

    We are sovereign and supreme SOULS, on a marvelous “pale blue dot” sailing through the cosmos.

    “Be thou faithful unto death, and I’ll give thee a crown of life.”
    Humility and patience are virtues, trust in God and we’ll be delivered…

    We are all one in God…
    Where We Go One We Go All

    1. Trump is part of the ruling cult. He is the good cop; Biden/Hillary is the bad cop. They are all related. His snake story is about himself.

  2. Be careful! The President has identified himself as the Father of the Vaccine. What does that tell you? I voted for him twice. I now understand that he is proud of this abortion-tainted, Satanic vaccine. There’s no political solution to the spiritual problems we face. Repentance, penance and the Holy Rosary. May God have mercy on us.

  3. The interview linked below with Professor Mattias Desmet is extremely helpful in understanding the psychological manipulation we’re living through. Basically, the totalitarians are using to their advantage a known phenomenon called Mass Formation. Ever wonder why there is a large minority of people who are hopelessly impervious to logic and evidence? Dr. Desmet explains this and why it is so difficult to stop this process once it is triggered:

    1. I saw Dr. Desmet recently. I recall he said gentle humour is helpful to break the spell. Another approach suggested by a Psychologist is socratic questioning of those whose mind is under external control/influence. I would also suggest that Confession will help remove people from diabolical mind control.

  4. Simply excellent short and precise admonition. I particularly appreciated the term “design.” Indeed it is, and more than apparent, it is all by design and it would be quite masterful but for one thing — it works so perfectly. It is flawless but for its flawlessness. The mass media conditioned masses are compelled to participate with little skepticism. This catastrophe has been as observing a theatrical production and the Church’s participation as a supporting cast member is a scandal.

  5. Father Ripperger recently reported that a demon (the top guy) he was exorcising from a woman stated he was afraid because God is about to take his power away (with respect to the Catholic Church). See U.S. Grace Force podcast Nov. 17/21 “Demon says: He is about to take my power away.” Fr. Ripperger cannot say how soon but it sounds like fantastic news to me. Hold the line!

    !Viva Cristo Rey!

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