Johnny-come-lately Round-them-all-up Strategy moves to next phase

Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is a common practice in American politics — that is, in the politics of the United States of America — for a candidate of one of the two Masonic Controlled Political Parties (Republicans & Democrats) to attempt to gain voter support by espousing in appearance only the causes of voters who do not support their candidate or party.

This strategy involves sending the candidate to the locales where the voters are most connected to garner the support of their movers-and-shakers to get the voters who are influenced by these to vote for their candidate. And then the candidate gives a fine speech and promises many things, And if he is elected, he continues the Masonic Agenda in office and disregards all or nearly all of his promises, unless he really needs the votes of those to whom he made them.

This strategy I call the “Johnny-come-lately” trick, and the consistent behavior of Archbishop Viganò makes me think of it. Because he decries everything, but refuses to admit Benedict XVI is the pope. Rather, he supports the idea that Bergoglio is the pope so as to garner support from those who do, rather than, as a man of God, simply stating the truth. It is remarkable that he began his publicity campaign by demanding Bergoglio resign for being corrupt and in the space of 3 years ended up affirming that he does not want to divide the Church by entering into the discussion of whether Bergoglio usurped the Papacy from Benedict XVI.

NOW THAT BENEDICT IN HIS OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY HAS AFFIRMED, HOWEVER, THAT HE NEVER ABDICATED, you would think that an Archbishop of the Church of Rome, as Viganò is, would come to the defense of Pope Benedict XVI.

But no, you just get from Viganò a new proposal to “unite the tribes” against the Scamdemic.  Does Viganò ignore that Bergoglio is the biggest proponent of the Scamdemic? Yes.  Then how, I ask, can you be credible if you ignore that while calling for an alliance?

The truth is that Archbishop Viganò crafted a publicity stunt with President Trump, in which he wrote a letter which Trump immediately responded to in public.  Now Trump’s family has served the Skull and Bones Lodge for nearly a century, and that Lodge is one of the principal agents pushing the Scamdemic and Great Reset.  They are also 100% behind the ousting of Benedict and the installation of Bergoglio.

So what game is the Archbishop playing?

This international Alliance against Globalism would be just something the Lodges would want to control, because it would thus prevent any effective opposition to their plans.

To read more about this, click the image above, which links to the same article at the Gateway Pundit, an electronic journal which is “gay friendly” (I have it that its principal is married to another man), just like Trump and Skull and Bones (which is rumored to be a gay pedophile club).

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10 thoughts on “Johnny-come-lately Round-them-all-up Strategy moves to next phase”

  1. I have been so encouraged by Archbishop Viganòs outspoken criticism of Bergoglio…. how disappointing, to consider the points made here.

    But then, repeated disappointment in humans has escalated in recent years such that nothing surprises me anymore. I wasn’t born a cynic, just an observer. The latter is bound to eventually lead one to become the former in this world, sad to say.

    But “There is none righteous, no not one,” and here we are.

    1. Hi Julie

      We need to stop putting our faith in princes and accept that God has a plan for all this, and will make things right in his own time. Any prince put forth by the media could be just another puppet. I came to this decision following the stolen election and all the information showing how Trump could have been just another puppet.

      What is less likely to fail, is if each of us resist this evil individually. And prepare for the coming Apocalypse both spiritually and materially, because it is extremely likely that we will have everything taken from us, and even our faith in God severely tested.

      We need to be like the Knights of old, ready to fight and die for Christ, his church, our country and our families. With no fear of death knowing that there is no greater love than to lay down ones life for a friend.

      What is the point of having a comfortable life if we are leaving an enslaved world for our children? I prefer to die trying to preserve the little freedoms we have left so that at least, my kids know what is worth fighting for. And they pick up the banner of freedom.

  2. Dear brother Bugnolo,
    Thank yoiu for all your valuable insights.
    Perhaps you might know?
    A couple of years back i read that Bergoglio said that the God of Christianity and of Islam are the same.
    Did he say this indeed?
    Because it can’t be true, God would have betraid his own Son and destroyed the Anchor of Christianity.
    Kind regards,

    1. I do not know if he said it. But it would not surprise me, because in truth in his heart he worships Satan, whom he calls, “the God of Surprises”, “the God of Mercy”, and “Pachamama”

  3. It would be interesting to hear from Brother Bugnolo a bit more about Archbishop Vigano and his history in order for him to have arrived at Vigono’s true intent. When Vigano came on the scene with his letter, It seemed like we finally had someone defending the church and calling Bergoglio out, but I guess not really…

    1. For example, from Viganò’s own declarations we know that he knew of sexual abuse for more than 10 years and never reported on it to civil authorities or to the pope. He was a player. His career came before children.

  4. Excellent article! Truly Viganò and Trump gave the appearance that the Faithful and Patriotic wanted! The Luciferians have gained massive success through their strategic planning and false Opposition. Thank you Brother Alexis for your articles and facts!

  5. Regarding what you call “common practice in American policy”, it’s just worldwide practice. And it always has been. This is the “smart” idea to kill (materially or not) brothers and sisters competing for the same position (employment, chair, principality, kingdom…).
    But what you claim about the masonic rule is true also in Italy. And has been so for too long! We are fed up with so many officials who are incapable, if not idiots, and all irremediably corrupt to the bone!

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