WARNING to readers of FromRome.INFO

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dear readers, I wish to bring to your attention that someone in Belize is spoofing FromRome.Info in an apparent attempt to redirect your traffic and financial contributions from this site to their site.

Their site is called FROM ROME . NEWS

Please note that that site is entirely unauthorized an unaffiliated with FromRome.Info.

Please be advised that if you visit that site as it may result in malicious software being introduced into your browser or device, and the theft of your personal information.

REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH ALIKE THAT SITE APPEARS, always check for the .INFO in your browser URL to assure that you are viewing the real FROM ROME INFO.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

5 thoughts on “WARNING to readers of FromRome.INFO”

  1. Thank you for the heads up Br. Bugnolo. The leeches in the luciferian cult cannot allow creative people to go unmolested.

  2. Even better to request all your readers to check that the first part of every link purporting to be to your site always begins:


    and this should be preceded by a padlock icon when accessed from their browser.

    Also, if you or your website administrator have not already, you could consider forcing https access to your site, e.g. by redirecting all insecure http requests to your secure https site.

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