DeathVaxx Review: It’s time to arrest the Scamdemic Pushers

Comment by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The U.S. Constitution reserves to the States and People the rights not given to the Federal Government. One of those rights it the right to arrest your government locally if they are involved in democide.

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4 thoughts on “DeathVaxx Review: It’s time to arrest the Scamdemic Pushers”

  1. This is a satanic war, in that it is a war against both body and spirit – body through the bio-weapon injection; spirit through the comprehensive psy-op propaganda. Through the unseen and microscopic; through the esoteric understood only by the initiates – the troops of this war advance invisibly, inexorably across the human battlefield.

    Every nation always begins the *next* by applying the lessons and technology of the last war, which puts them at a disadvantage when fighting an opponent that has advanced in tactics and strategy. Survival depends upon recognizing the threat, understanding the enemy and evolving quickly to meet and exceed the threat.

    We can’t see this enemy because there is almost no visible evidence that he exists – like Satan. But like Satan we recognize the enemy by his fruits which are very much present around us. He aims not to destroy our bodies but to enter them. He aims not to break our soul it to control it in our willing submission.

    Welcome to the invisible war of the civilian population where the battlefield is around the kitchen table of every home in the land.

    Perfect spot for Satan’s mortal enemy, the Church behind our Pope, to meet this invisible spiritual threat and expose it to Divine Light. Too bad She has been infiltrated. The fight to reclaim must begin with Her.

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