7 thoughts on “Fr. Nicholas Gruner: How to fight under the banner of Our Lady”

  1. We personally met Father Gruner and can describe him as a very humble, charitable, honest and truthful Catholic priest who lived a life of white martyrdom and possibly a martyr’s death as well . Father Gruner has had a significant influence in our lives as he is the facilitator of the TRUTH of the FATIMA prophecies both those revealed to the world and those not yet revealed in the third SECRET of Fatima.

    Also, Brother Bugnolo is in this same category for Br. Bugnolo is a significant influence in our lives for the evil times in which we are now living. Perhaps even a white martyrdom also applies to Brother Alexis as he forges perseveringly in this war for TRUTH and the TRUE FAITH of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH.

    We thank our GOD and our Mother Mary for Father Gruner and for Brother Bugnolo.

    We pray for the greater glory of GOD, for the Restoration of the TRUE CHURCH, and for the salvation of souls. We find comfort and consolation in the hope and the promise that the Consecration of Russia by the true POPE BENEDICT XVI or a true pope in his line will be realized which will bring forth THE TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART of MARY.

    1. You cannot put me in the same class of Fr. Gruner who was a faithful servant of Our Lady for decades and traveled the world to see the Consecration of Russia done.

      1. Most people speaking truth today have a grasp on the ”world analysis” of what has unfolded and continues to unfold in our times; however, few people do so in relation to TRUTH as it is revealed by and according to the perspective of GOD’S WAYS as GOD is EVERYTHING whether it is HIS WILL to ordain or to allow what takes place in salvation history for HIS GLORY and for the greater good.

        All the aspects of this HIGHER TRUTH is THE MOST VALUABLE to souls because it is the key to all that plays itself out in the material world in our times of present salvation history.

        We know that it is most important to many souls that Brother Bugnolo does what few people are doing, and we thank GOD for those who do this work which, in our experience, is a rare and blessed gift from GOD for the benefit of the souls of others.

      2. There are some that day Father Gruner did more harm than good toward the Fatima message because he focused too much on the consecration to Russia over the other aspects such as personal consecration, prayer, and penance. What are your thoughts? From what I have heard and read, he appears to be a holy priest.

      3. I think your comment is an outrageous calumny. Our Lady came to ask the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. Yes, She wanted the sanctification of all, but She knew already in God that most of the West would take the DeathVaxx and reject God in eternity. She revealed that Russia would convert to make up for the damnation of 100s of millions in the West who would reject God and Her, and who have now rejected God and Her.

  2. How interesting about the cycles of war, all of which Fr. Gruner said would coincide in 2020.

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