Don Alessandro Zubiani, dead at 41

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On social media in Italy, tonight, there is going round the news of the passing of Don Zubiani, pastor in norther Italy, who was 41 years of age. While it is being claimed on social media, with crude memes, such as that above, FromRome.Info has no information regarding the vaccination status of Don Alessandro, nor that he had said anything of the kind, of which  is being attributed to him: “This blessed serum will do more for me than Our Lady”. While it is a vile thing to exploit the memory of a priest to support a narrative where it does not enter, nevertheless, while the Bishops of Italy are insisting that all their priests be DeathVaxxed, one cannot exclude the concern that Don Alessandro’s sudden and unexpected death had something to do with it.

Here are some videos and an article about his passing. In the second video, his Bishop confirms during the homily that his death was unexpected.

Meet the Anti-Popes

Note: There are a few historical errors in this presentation. First, St. Vincent Ferrer did not advise disobedience to the man who was pope, when he thought he was the pope. Rather, a council was held at Toulouse and St. Vincent spoke in favor of the Pope of Avignon, but after hearing the testimony and vote of the Council against the pope of Avignon, he abandoned allegiance to him and accepted the decision of the Cardinals gathered at Constance to propose a reunion by asking all candidates to resign.

Second, St. Vincent Ferrer was a greats saint, but a lousy police man, researcher and inquisitor. He believed what Cardinal de Luna told him without even the slightest doubt that his good friend was an utter self serving liar. Here we do not imitate or laud St. Vincent, but we can excuse him because unlike us, he does not have the internet to access all the documents, which in our present crisis prove 100% that Benedict XVI is the pope, and all who think otherwise do no have one document or fact to argue upon, they only weave gratuitous assertions of interpretations and out right lies against the teaching of the Church or the laws of the Church.

Vice-Quaestor of Rome responds to the Announcement of the Super Green Pass

English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dr. Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, the Vice-Quaestor of Rome, who denounced the dictatorship in September, declares the new measure to be anti-juridical, which contradicts the entire first part of the Italian Constitution, that very part of the Constitution which was written to undo the possibility of the return of the Fascist System which crushed human rights for the sake of ideological ideals and goals.

The SuperGreen Pass also violates Article 36 of the EU Law for the Vaccine Passports. It also violates article 17 and 62 of the same law for such passports. This last forbids that such passports and their national norms violate the Charter for Human Rights of the European Council, the treaty organization established after WWII by all the nations of Europe to prevent the violations perpetrated by the Nazi and Fascist Regimes from ever being perpetrated again.

Dr. Schilirò holds a doctorate in jurisprudence and is a member of the Italian State Police, though currently under 3 investigations for having spoken out publicly against the Government’s dictatorship.

In addition, the Vice-Quaestor cites the important notice from the English prestigious Medical Journal, The Lancet, which in an editorial declared it totally unscientific to speak of a “pandemic of the unvaxxed”. It is also irrational to fire a worker for refusing to get the DeathVaxx passport — what FromRome.Info rightly calls the experimental serums — while allow the same worker to shop in the store!

Dr. Schilirò says, in addition, the future dangers of the Sanitary Dictorship is what Gamben warned about: the total control given to the government which imposes such a passport, a social credit system, in which every aspect of the life of the citizen is rewarded or punished on the basis of his political conformity with the ideology promoted by the political class.

While the interview is much longer, in Italian, these are the main points of interest regarding the Super DeathVaxx passport.


The US Govt started Developing the DeathVaxx in 2015

 Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The narrative that Glen Beck proposes in the above video is lacking some important information.

First of all, he states right at the beginning of the video that he believes in the efficacy of the vaccines. That should be a real warning sign to anyone watching this video, by now, since there is overflowing from every nation massive amounts of information on how dangerous, deadly and damaging these serums are.

And in fact, if you are to sell a vaccine for a virus, you first have to convince everyone that the virus exists. Even if you were to buy the Rockefeller funded century long lie that viruses do exist, you need to admit that there is no evidence that SarsCov19 exist as such. All we know is its genome. No laboratory in the world claims to have samples.

So what is the point of all the indirect evidence of a virus led from the Wuhan Lboratory in September / October 2019?  If it does not exist, you can only establish a narrative that it does by indirect evidence.

What we do know is that what is claimed to be the virus is nothing more than a genetic sequence read over the phone from China.

So what is the real point of the search for a Bat virus and the research into a coronavirus?

It all comes down to creating a plausible and seemingly rock solid narrative for the NECESSITY OF THE VACCINE.

With that understood you can understand that the real meat in the above documentary video is not the part about developing a virus, but the GENETIC EXPERIMENTATION in protein synthesis to find the spike protein which could be weaponized as an instrument of mass global genocide.

Remember, that the Globalists have worked for that goal for a century. With that understood you can see how much of what Glen Beck reveals is based on information created by the persons whom he is holding to be criminals for the same motive that they have always had: massive profits and global population reduction.