ITALY: Goldman Sachs Dictatorship orders Super Green Pass by Dec. 6

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Hours ago, the Mario Draghi creative-destructive Dictatorship announced it’s unconstitutional criminal decision to further destroy the Italian people and economy by establishing the super Green Pass, a sort of super DeathVaxx Passport, which goes into effect on December 6, 2021 A. D..

Below you can read the preliminary summary of the Dictate. Above, in my video, you can hear my personal reaction and analysis of Draghi’s Fatal Mistake.

The obligations of this new Dictatorial Decree are as follows:

Super Green Pass

The Super Green Pass will only be granted to those who have been DeathVaxxed or can prove they were cured from the Virus which was never proven to exist and which can be detected effectively by no test.

Those without the Super DeathVaxx Passport will NOT be allowed to atttend:

  • All public functions of the Catholic Church,
  • All spectacles
  • All sporting events
  • Inside Bars and Restaurants
  • Festivals, Parties and Disco-techs
  • All Hotels and Motels
  • All Dressing Rooms and Locker Rooms for sports
  • All Regional Trains
  • All Public Transport

Furthermore, in Zones which are not White or Yellow, no one will be allowed to attend these functions.

The Super DeathVaxx will NOT be granted to those who are DeathSwabbed.

Those who are DeathSwabbed however will still be allowed to work and travel at a distance.

The DeathVaxx Passport will NO longer be valid for 12 months, but will now be valid only for 9 months.

DeathVaxx Obligation Extended

In addition, the Navy, Army, Airforce, Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri and the State Police as well as all municipal police are NOW obligated to take the DeathVaxx by December 15, 2021 or they will lose their jobs.

This obligation for the DeathVaxx also includes ALL teachers in all schools and ALL medical professionals.

Both Groups will now also have to take the THIRD DOSE.

DeathMask Obligation Extended

There will now be the obligation to wear the DeathMask — sign of submission — in the open air in all Yellow Zones, with NO exceptions, neither for the DeathVaxxed or the non DeathVaxxed.


Children under 12 years of age are exempt, even if they are DeathVaxxed.

+ + +


One of the first public reactions came from the National Secretary of the Union for State Police:

His argument is, that since the State Police do not deny that there is a Pandemic, and since their members have faithfully enforced all the Sanitary Regulations, and since the GreenPass has shown no effect in reducing cases of Covid-19, their members should not be obliged by Dec. 15 to be Vaccinated, especially since some of those who have been have already experienced bad reactions, even some deaths.

Citizens who have been fined, harassed and terrorized by the State Police would find this argument pathetic, as I am sure the readers of would agree.  Everyone, especially those who serve the Globalist Dictatorships, needs to know that you are not going to get a free pass from enslavement or death by serving their agenda. That is now evident.



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5 thoughts on “ITALY: Goldman Sachs Dictatorship orders Super Green Pass by Dec. 6”

  1. Hello,
    I looked at the greenpass restrictions. Asoro Dec 11, people can go to stores, and use private transportation, so it’s not a starvation concern.

    Although they are imposing more restrictions of the type that don’t work, and insisting you take poison if you want freedoms. There’s a serious Stalin complex going on there…

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