Meet the Anti-Popes

Note: There are a few historical errors in this presentation. First, St. Vincent Ferrer did not advise disobedience to the man who was pope, when he thought he was the pope. Rather, a council was held at Toulouse and St. Vincent spoke in favor of the Pope of Avignon, but after hearing the testimony and vote of the Council against the pope of Avignon, he abandoned allegiance to him and accepted the decision of the Cardinals gathered at Constance to propose a reunion by asking all candidates to resign.

Second, St. Vincent Ferrer was a greats saint, but a lousy police man, researcher and inquisitor. He believed what Cardinal de Luna told him without even the slightest doubt that his good friend was an utter self serving liar. Here we do not imitate or laud St. Vincent, but we can excuse him because unlike us, he does not have the internet to access all the documents, which in our present crisis prove 100% that Benedict XVI is the pope, and all who think otherwise do no have one document or fact to argue upon, they only weave gratuitous assertions of interpretations and out right lies against the teaching of the Church or the laws of the Church.

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5 thoughts on “Meet the Anti-Popes”

  1. But both of them have very little time left on this earth…so is the fact that all of those Cardinals Francis has placed in the Vatican voting booth the real issue? If hes not legit then are all of those Cards he appointed illegal also ?

    1. Yes. In the present positive legal order of things, any conclave in which an illegitimate Cardinal is admitted becomes itself illegitimate. And if they Cardinals do not object to that, the Roman Church can elect the Pope by having recourse to Apostolic Right. Unlike the past, when the popes allowed the election to take place according to Apostolic right and natural law principles, the present system has this weakness/strength.

  2. How is that whole story around the Christmas tree? May we have that as Christians and put on some ornaments? I’ve read that that tradition is around 200 years old anyways. I personally can’t find an evil on it, because I wouldn’t know one single Christian who’d pray to the tree.

    1. The posting of green plants indoors during Christmas is an ancient tradition to signify the spiritual rebirth brought to humanity by the Incarnation of the Son of God, Who is Life and Truth.

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