2 thoughts on “De Micheli intervista Frà Bugnolo sulla Chiesa in Pandemia”

  1. Come solito Fra, Millegrazie per la tua intuizione spirituale e direzione/formazione. Prego per la tua protezione sempre.

    Excellent interview FRA! Let us pray for our church & clergy that they may live out their true vocation all for the Glory of God!

    From 1576 to 1578, a plague ravaged through northern Italy killing tens of thousands. Where do you find priests like Cardinal Archbishop of Milan, St. Charles Borromeo?

    May his words inspire those serving the Lord:
    “We have only one life and we should spend it for Jesus Christ and souls, not as we wish, but at the time and in the way God wishes. It would show presumption and neglect of our duty and God’s service to fail to do this.”

    “Do not be so forgetful of your priesthood as to prefer a late death to a holy one.”

    May God Have Mercy on All of us! We are in his hands!
    Pace e Bene!

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