23 thoughts on “Don’t wait for anyone to liberate you, grab liberty yourself!”

  1. Sons of Mercy were hermits who could live in the forest very nicely. Now we are trying to help people who are doing refuge camps for 2022. Ours is still 10 or 15k from being ready, but that doesn’t stop others and we encourage people to hurry.

    1. We are still trying to figure out what area of woods, in which state will be the best. We are def. looking at states with strong governors here in the US.

      1. May I ask, what do you think or know about the white hats and all the talkings around it?
        I’m not really convinced by it.

      2. Dear Brother,
        I would enjoy seeing more videos by you on topics such as how viewing news media now can actually hypnotize you into fear which pushes the viewer towards getting kill shots for themselves or their children and why it does that based on biblical teachings.
        I would also like the topic on how Merck is trying to get their pills EU approved even thought they are mutating the DNA fertility of men and women yet still Merck find that fine to do as a Covid prevention pill. Also then could you explain biblically how the destruction of God’s children can be accomplished with these pills. Additionally, speak on how the kill shot’s Nanoblades create clots and serum changes DNA through transfection ( see Dr Ariyana Love work) and how that biblically this effects us now and how to pray to build that hedge and use that armor of God to protect our families.
        This would be 3 great videos topics you could do!
        Always praying for you!

    1. It seems to be so. Read Prophecy of prophet Daniel, chapter 12:

      We have still a long way to go. Be prepared. Stay strong. Pray, pray more, be in state of grace(!), do penance, bring offers for your own salvation and salvation of your beloved ones.

  2. Hi Alexis, it’s long time I’m trying to reach an contact you! I guess I know who is the “ac”. The “ac” is showing the mark since a while now. it’s an arabic word and means “over” or “paradise” ( فوق ). Please, contact me if you want more info.

  3. Brother,
    Great Grandma here creating a gardening network.
    Am hoping to die a red martyr. If we go out in a firefight against the jab oppressors or roving gangs in the countryside how does that stand for us in the judgment?
    I always thought that martyrs willingly died for the sake of Christ typically incarcerated and tortured until death.
    But this is complex in that they will give us the satanic death jab if we surrender to their concentration camps and I would rather die in a gun fight than have that happen. Thoughts?

    1. We can be martyrs if we are killed out of hatred for our Faith. So whatever we do, we must do it for the love of Jesus Christ and with Christian principles. Fight for Christ and His Kingdom and wear a cross, and that is the best immortality insurance.

      1. Thanks for your swift reply Editor
        . I just found Brother’s talk on this in the Kyle Rittenhouse video. I have been seeking an answer to this for over a year.
        Protestant friends sent me the first Brother video I’ve seen yesterday. Brother speaks the truth that we need to hear right now and am so very grateful. Heading over to donate button next.
        With much gratitude and love,
        Gun toting veggie growing chicken & goat raising California Catholic convert married boomer granny -there are many more of us out here in the sticks than they know even here in the belly of the beast.

  4. Br. Bugnolo was right. See “Ticking Time Bomb: Expert Says Bioweapons Injections Are Destroying Immune System “ in Bitchute.com

  5. The public are being made aware of injection-heart-attacks in Pro-Sport. This could lead to the permanent closing of Pro-Sport for fear of exertion heart-attacks. Then to full climate lock-downs (for public health reasons).

  6. I wish to inquire on your idea of citizens arresting, in your statement you said the tyrants do not have time to focus on a small town however during a citizens arrest of any official or person of guilt they are all likely to have families who will just call for backup from enforcement from other towns or even state enforcement, is there any moral solution to this paradox which does not involve the arrest of their innocent families?

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