MARTINIQUE: Insurrection against Sanitary Dictatorship intensifies

The movement against the vax obligation hardens, message to the Prefect and to Olivier Véran “We are going to make sure that no mouse can pass through any hole
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4 thoughts on “MARTINIQUE: Insurrection against Sanitary Dictatorship intensifies”

  1. Even the harbor is being blocked night and day now, and supermarkets running out of merchandise.

    Yesterday I have been interviewed by Famille Chrétienne, a French catholic weekly magazine. Not sure whether the journalist will print what I said. 😂

    1. Hi Father

      Just wanted to share with you something you may find useful :
      Voxday, a Christian nationalist at the blog says he never does interviews because the media never allows that his views be presented fairly. Given the information war we are experiencing, I think it is good advice given that bad interviews are used ammunition against us.

      In Christ

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