Sedevacantist leader endorses the DeathVaxx?

This decision should surprise no one. For all who have cut themselves off in spirit from the true Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI, have been struck blind on the question of the DeathVaxx.

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21 thoughts on “Sedevacantist leader endorses the DeathVaxx?”

  1. Sanborn surrenders rational assessment of incontrovertible sense data concerning the deathvaxx AND of the scamdemic data, all of which is perfectly amenable to reasonable lay analysis and in relationship to which “advanced degrees” in immunology or any other subject are IRRELEVANT! He professes submission to the Pharmakeia of Our Lord’s mortal and spiritual enemies.

  2. How sad if the sede lemmings follow his lead… to death and probable damnation. Lord have mercy. And everything comes down to the Pope.

  3. Most people seem blind to the NWO agenda and how the parasite class has been planning to depopulate and enslave the world for decades. They just dismiss it in the back or their heads like a crazy conspiracy theory. I woke up to this nightmare over a decade ago, and they were announcing on TV how everyone would be chipped by 2017.

    These seemingly sane normal people are going to discover the hard way that just because something sounds absurd it doesn’t mean it’s not true. After booster 7 will they wake up? It doesn’t matter how many vaccines you take if you don’t get the latest booster for the newest super duper Pickachu variant you are unvaccinated. This will become part of your social credit score needed for your Bergoglion universal basic income.

    1. Every sedevacantist bishop is his own pope.

      That’s what happens when they tell themselves they have jurisdiction but have none.

  4. If you’re foolish enough to have cult like belief beyond capability of reasoning that we haven’t had a pope since 1958, you’ll probably easily fall for other things too.

  5. My sophomore in high school son understood reverse transcription and the threat posed of genetic modification.
    Contrary to what Bishop Sanborn says, one does not need a degree in immunology to understand these matters. Does Bishop Sanborn need a PhD in Economics to pay his monthly utility bill? Is he competent to make moral decisions regarding paying his monthly utility bill?

    Consider this: Dr. Daniel Nagase briefly discusses reverse transcription and cancer and natural immunity.

  6. This is the same Bishop who states there are no evil group of men who run the world he blames Vatican two on the lay Catholics , my suggestion is who ever takes the jab because of his advice and gets hurt or maimed by the vaccine take legal action against him he’s suppose to be a true Shepard and die for the faith next stop giving your funds to him and his church wake up wolves are every where like Pius X group dances with Rome In Christo Et Maria I’m a old pole a real Roman Catholic not a sell out my name is Ronald Lech

  7. I know of a couple down near Holy Trinity but it’s obvious who is of the world and who is just in it.
    On the narrow path there is no need for the death vaxx.
    Most sedes are not for the death vaxx.

  8. @9:05 What one does NOT look for, one will NOT find. “No scientific data that this has caused ill effects”; so one’s moral certitude is based on personal convictions and how much one trusts the government and medical practice in the US and Europe? Hmmmm…..

    @13:30 Governments don’t have the right to mandate the deathjab but the Church does? Hmmmmm…..

    Another opportunity for faithful to walk away from the rot of the anti-church in whatever appearance it manifests itself.

    Two possible litmus tests for not being deceived: Benedict is Pope AND Trump knowingly and willfully betrayed the world with, among other things, his Warp Speed deathvaxx which is the bioweapon/transhuman dividing mark.

  9. When he said that the ill effects of the deathvaxx are very low, he totally exposed his nature of deceit. We may never know the true death total and adverse reactions. Millions for sure.

  10. This guy is really smooth… You know, one of the last mass I attended made the priest very uncomfortable… because he knew I could see right through him.

  11. It’s a severe mercy to have both the sedevacantist Bishop Sandborn and the SSPX push the deathvaxx. This makes it very clear that Catholics must not follow them.

    I briefly considered both options, but as soon as they pushed the deathvaxx, I was corrected.

    God is reminding us that “where Peter is, there is the church,” as wounded and eclipsed as she is.

    “Peter” is Pope Benedict XVI, as wounded and eclipsed as he is.

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