AIDS was intentionally spread in Africa to exterminate Black People

Here is an excerpt from the Documentary:
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8 thoughts on “AIDS was intentionally spread in Africa to exterminate Black People”

  1. Horrific but not surprising. I heard rumours years ago that AIDS was a lab made bio weapon. A few months ago I learned that the disease was spread through a vaccination program of young healthy African adults (I believe it was hepatitis vaccines). Earthly justice must be done against these psychopaths.

    1. There are no viruses, never been isolated by the Koch postulates. It has always been the vaxx or the “medicine” making people sick and kill them off.

      Jesus must be our medicine and besides, God gave us nature and with it a lots of natural and REAL medicine. The tragic part is, that more and more of it gets forbidden by the farmamafia.

  2. Seems HIV/AIDS was a dress rehearsal for the current scamdemic. Reminds me of Achille Mbembe’s pointing out in Critique of Black Reason that the global dispensation is the universalization of blackness. We’ll all be ‘black’ now. Concomitantly, this is moving side by side with mongrelization, a tarring black of the ‘better/fairer’ races. Long live Klaus Schwab & diabolical company.

  3. HAART is designed to keep you “alive”. So you should not progress to AIDS and will stay alive to procreate. In this stage HIV first, second, third you remain undetectable and untransmissible U=U.
    The meds have strong side effects and make me sick and miserable for the rest of this life.
    The rest you can only do research on and collect the evidence. God Bless.

  4. All wrong. AIDS was the result of the use of chimpansee kidney material for the production of a polio vaccine. But because chimpanzees are carriers of SIV (simean immunodeficiency virus), these vaccines became the source of the AIDS epidemic.

    The responsible researcher, Hilary Koprowski, has always denied the use of chimpanzees, but research by Edward Hooper, author of The River, shows convincing support for the idea that the polio vaccine was contaminated and that this led to a simian immunodeficiency virus jumping species from chimpanzee to humans.

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