WHO Official says its time to start talking about Mandatory DeathVaxxing Everyone

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6 thoughts on “WHO Official says its time to start talking about Mandatory DeathVaxxing Everyone”

  1. They are completely out of their minds.
    It has nothing to do with the number of doses, but everything to do about opening up or not.

    1. Tozinameran
      The name WHO gave to the pfizer gene therapy “Comirnaty”
      Meran can mean King of Kings.
      The act of zina with your creator.
      WHO adds the suffix “meran” to every mRNA injection.

      The mark injection
      The name of the beast luciferase
      The number of his name The unique world standard QR code attached to the v passport.

  2. How do you debate a topic like this:

    Should we, or should we not, strap a citizen, his wife and his children to a metal table and inject a substance into their bodies against their will?

    Should we, or should we not, take everything away from those who refuse to comply including their job, money, banking, food, house and compel them to either present their arm for injection or allow them and those they love to a slow and painful death, exposed to the elements?

    Should we, or should we not, use military and police powers and take those who refuse to comply for transport to prison camps in which they will be injected and then forced to perform slave labor to pay for the privilege of their prison bed and food?

    A healthy debate?

    New topic.

    Should we, or should we not, arrest our despotic government leaders and try the for rimes against humanity according to the Nuremberg Code, and then if found guilty hang them by the neck until dead?

    Will that solution, or will it not, advance peace and justice back into our communities and governments?

    Not interested in that first debate. Big fat middle finger to the other debate. The second debate appeals, however. That would be a “healthy” debate to have.

  3. Oh, I am so tired of all the LIES.
    The truth is that those in hospital are the VACCINATED who are suffering adverse affects.
    I do not know any unvaxed people who have even had a cold!
    All the sickies are suffering from adverse affects of injections.
    But the doctors have to go along with the facade, fake phone and false official stories – because otherwise they will lose their jobs.

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